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    October 18, 2017

    Optimize Transportation Safety Management with EHS Software

    An increasing number of companies are discovering massive benefits after establishing an EHS program to manage fleet transportation safety. 

    Small and global enterprises alike are winning big after replacing outdated transportation safety systems with EHS software. The role that today’s software plays in companies who have a fleet of vehicles may surprise some old-school types in the industry, but savvy managers are well aware that it can make or break operations. Here’s why.

    Lower Your Costs, Streamline Your Operations

    The minute you implement web-based EHS software, you begin lowering costs. Simply through the process of automating your reporting and maintaining your journey management data, efficiency goes through the roof. But there’s more to it than that.

    Connect all your company components with tailored EHS software for managing your fleet’s safety. Keep your transportation network informed and prepared by managing their operations from a centralized system that covers planning, execution and reporting of fleet safety operations. Automating your safety program with EHS software takes the burden off your IT team, too. With a user-friendly solution at hand, your team can get the help they need while they focus on core tasks within your company.

    Easier Reporting from the Road

    With the right software, data can be collected by fleet drivers, even if they’re offline. This allows for more accurate, timely input since drivers won’t have to wait to make their entries. They can do it on the spot, then upload it later when they find a connection. Because let’s face it, drivers sometimes find themselves outside of connectivity range.

    When it comes to incident reporting, you want to have all the data at your fingertips. Managing your incident management program with software enables you to easily collect all relevant information related to vehicle incidents, including involved people, vehicle information, location details, and witness information. Your team of drivers can also snap photos (straight from the field) and begin the investigation process quicker than before. 

    Stay on Top of Driver Safety Programs

    When regulations are constantly changing, that can gum up the works if you’re not keeping up. With the right tools, systems, and strategies in place, you can stay up to date on employee and fleet training on a global scale, whether it’s rail, sea, air, or highway transportation you’re concerned with. Check out OSHA's driver safety program tips to learn about how companies like yours manage their programs.

    Being proactive with employee training, audits and inspections, wellness programs, and incident reporting are all possible thanks to EHS software solutions like ours.

    Interested in learning more? Click here to get a free trial of our EHS software system. 

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