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    May 1, 2024

    WEBINAR: Establishing a Safety Center of Excellence: Strategies, Tools, and Best Practices

    This webinar delves into the concept and strategic implementation of a Safety Center of Excellence (CoE), a crucial initiative for organizations aiming to enhance operational efficiency and safety standards. Originating from lean manufacturing principles, the CoE concept focuses on minimizing waste and improving productivity through specialized expertise and continuous improvement in specific areas.

    Our discussion outlines the structured five-step process essential for developing a Safety CoE:

    1. Defining Objectives and Scope: Initial step involves clear articulation of goals and the scope of the CoE, aligning with broader organizational objectives to ensure seamless integration and strong justification for the initiative.
    2. Securing Top Leadership Support: Key to success, this step emphasizes the need for active and agile backing from senior management, underpinned by a compelling business case that highlights potential improvements in compliance, cost reduction, and safety outcomes.
    3. Deciding on the Governing Structure: Establishing a robust framework that defines roles, responsibilities, and accountability, ensuring the CoE's effectiveness and alignment with organizational goals.
    4. Building the Team: Focuses on recruiting and continuously training a dedicated team with the right mix of skills—safety expertise, data analysis, and project management—to drive the CoE’s objectives.
    5. Launching & Promoting the Safety CoE: Involves a strategic rollout and promotion plan to foster engagement and awareness across the organization, followed by ongoing monitoring and adjustments based on feedback and performance metrics.

    The webinar also addresses the challenges of assessing and fostering a positive safety culture, which is vital for the long-term success of the Safety CoE. It highlights the importance of genuine commitment to safety beyond mere compliance, ensuring that safety is prioritized even when competing with other

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    Christopher Collier

    Christopher Collier brings over 14 years of dedicated experience to the EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) industry, where he has been a pivotal force in nurturing and growing marketing departments. With a deep-rooted passion for digital marketing, Christopher has played a role in all its facets, from strategic...