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    September 26, 2019

    Workplace Safety Articles and Resources Your Team Needs to Read

    In order to stay one step ahead of workplace safety, your team must be well-read.

    After all, safety and health hazards evolve all the time. For your team to be effective in keeping workers safe—and showing the benefits to your C-suite—you must have all the best ideas in your toolbox.

    That’s why we’ve collected this list of a few essential workplace safety articles that your team can’t do without. They give you ideas to improve safety in real-time, offer big-picture guidance, and interrogate underlying problems with safety. Here are our favorites.

    How EHS Departments Can Build a Workplace Safety Culture

    This EHS Insight eBook delves into an important element of workplace safety: safety culture.

    Safety policies help show your expectations, but safety culture is what helps your workers to execute them. You see, it’s not enough to just provide rules. You also have to show your workers that you’re committed to safety and that you view them as valuable contributors to a safe work environment.

    If you’re not sure where to start with safety culture, this resource is a great place to start. It examines what you need to build a strong safety culture and what you need to do to strengthen the culture you already have.

    8 Workplace Safety Issues You’re Probably Not Addressing

    This article addresses safety issues that you need to talk about but are probably overlooking. What makes it stand out is that it goes beyond addressing commonly listed safety issues like personal protective equipment (PPE) or training.

    Instead, it dives into deeper problems that can make your workplace unsafe.

    For example, their number one safety issue is safety awareness. Think about it: if you and your workers’ aren’t aware of the safety issues you’re dealing with, how can you expect to address them?

    Read the rest of the article for more great tips – and pair it with the previous eBook on safety culture to really dig into the problems that make your workplace tick.

    Workplace Safety Tips You Can Use Daily

    Sometimes, though, we can’t talk about safety abstractly. Sometimes we need concrete, actionable examples that safety managers and employees can use on a regular basis.

    For that, check out this article. It gives you a list of tips that you can implement in your workplace right now.

    For example, avoid distractions. Even the best-trained employees will miss safety hazards if they’re distracted, so make sure that their attention is only focused in one place.

    The ROI of Safety

    EHS managers understand the value of safety and investing in quality safety protocols. But convincing your C-suite is another matter entirely.

    That’s why you need to read Safety+Health Magazine’s article on the ROI of safety.

    When a safer workplace in its own right doesn’t merit C-suite attention, arguing the economic value of safety can be a powerful motivation. This article dives into a few ways that you can make the monetary case to your managers.

    Looking to the Future of Occupational Safety and Health

    Finally, this article from the American Society of Safety Professionals takes a look at the future of occupational safety and health.

    As safety managers, you know that safety is about being proactive. That doesn’t just apply to immediate safety hazards – you also have to be proactive in examining how the industry is evolving.

    The article dives into four key areas affecting workplace health and safety, along with resources for you to do more research.

    Looking for More Workplace Safety Articles?

    As a safety professional, your job is never done. If you’re looking for more workplace safety articles to help your team do better, make sure to check out our blog for more great articles like these.

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