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    August 12, 2020

    Workplace Safety Celebration Ideas for Your Company

    Workplace safety is an incredibly important goal. So much of your company’s success is tied to preventing disruptive and expensive workplace accidents.

    As a result, reinforcing the importance of workplace safety becomes crucial. One of the most effective methods for promoting a positive safety culture at your worksites is to celebrate major safety accomplishments regularly, as these events can act as an encouragement to your workforce to continue to work as safely as possible.

    Here are some of the greatest safety celebration ideas for accomplishing just that.

    Nothing Works Better Than Cash and Prizes

    Let’s be honest: people love feeling like winners. Awarding them with cash and prizes, even if they’re small tokens of appreciation, can have such a positive effect. That’s why many companies use prizes and rewards to incentivize their workforce to be more safety-conscious; providing a small reward at regular intervals for the employee or department with the fewest number of accidents or injuries across a given period is a great motivator in these situations.

    Prizes don’t have to be extravagant. A modest gift card to a nearby restaurant, retail store, or even to an online retailer like Amazon is often more than enough to serve as a fun way to recognize and celebrate a worker’s efforts in doing their best to keep themselves safe.

    Plus, it’s almost guaranteed that the increased productivity of your business from not having any accident-related disruptions will more than cover the cost of any prizes by a wide margin indeed.

    Sometimes You Just Need an Excuse to Party

    Providing regular recognition for minor milestones is an excellent starting point, but to really drive the importance of safety home you need a larger celebratory event. In the event that your entire company or worksite achieves a major goal, such as an entire quarter or year without any injuries or accidents, the only way to celebrate such an event is with a legitimate party. Not only that, but a large-scale celebration can easily be combined with employee recognition and prizes as well.

    Holding an awards ceremony for the safest department or worker for the entire year, for example, provides opportunities for employees to earn an even more substantial reward in the form of certificate or plaque in addition to a more weighty prize.

    Party decorations can be safety-themed as well to help drive the message home even further. Again, such an event easily pays for itself with the added productivity you’ve received from avoiding unnecessary accidents for such a long period of time.

    Celebrating Safety: Because Your Workers Have Earned It

    Let’s be honest here: your company is nothing without its workers. You couldn’t have kept your facilities free of accidents and injuries without the diligence of your workforce, and this means your success is dependent on all of their hard work. They deserve to have their achievements celebrated.

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