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    Temporary Modified Light Duty Assignment Offer Letter

    Being able to offer an injured employee a temporary modified or light-duty work assignment can make all the difference in the world to an employee’s recovery—both psychologically and physically.

    Temporary Modified Light Duty Assignment Offer Letter

    When an employee is injured on the job and is unable to work, it introduces a good deal of change in a very short period of time and can become very isolating for that employee, especially when the employee uses work as a primary means of socialization.

    While many companies are interested in doing whatever they can to help an injured employee recover, companies sometimes forget to protect themselves in the process. Having a process in place with specific boundaries and requirements is really important for both the injured worker and for the company. One very simple way to do that is by formally offering any temporary modified or light duty work assignments in writing and requiring the injured employee to either accept or decline the offer.

    A well-crafted offer letter should include all the important details that will allow the employee to know what they are being offered, what is being required of them, and what the consequences might be if they decline the offer. If the injured worker accepts the offer and then doesn’t follow the instructions outlined in the offer letter or declines the offer entirely, having a signed document like this provides the employer with supporting documentation in case the employer must take adverse action.

    Offer letters like this one are a bit different than a regular offer letter of employment so to take the guesswork out of it, we’ve created a customizable Temporary Modified or Light Duty Offer Letter template that should help you get started.

    Download the Template