If you’re like most EHS or Quality professionals, you’re responsible for a lot of audits and inspections and without the aid of a software program, it can mean a sea of binders and bankers boxes and constant worry about completed documents becoming damaged or going missing.

Then there’s the issue of whether audits and inspections are being completed on the most up to date forms, making sure there are enough paper forms to cover off hours and weekends and finding the time to decipher everyone’s handwriting well enough to enter each one into a database that really doesn’t give you many options for identifying trends or tracking activities through to completion.

At a certain point, you look around and realize that managing an audit and inspection program this way isn’t efficient especially since you can’t use a lot of data being collected. Your next step is to start looking for software to help with this process and while there are some terrific options on the market, most of them seem really “big” and are full of expensive options and features you don’t need and won’t use or the features you DO want, like a reliable mobile app, aren’t included in the base price. As you continue searching, you finally sit back and ask yourself:

Isn’t there a less complicated option that won’t cost a fortune, includes a few of the bells and whistles (like a mobile app) and that will just let me manage my audits and inspections without all the fuss?”

Welcome to EHS Insight's Audit Management Module

That’s where we come in. At EHS Insight, we understand and provide exactly what you’re looking for. Our software is module based and allows you to create the best product for your needs. Whether you’re looking for software to help manage multiple parts of your environmental, health, safety and quality programs or are just really looking for help managing one aspect of your program (like your audits and inspections)—we’ve got you covered.

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