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    March 14, 2017

    Achieving EHS Compliance with Audits and Inspections

    As an EHS manager, you’re undoubtedly concerned with positive change in the workplace. There’s no shorter route to transformation than an effective audits and inspections program. 

    In your profession, policies abound. Hardly anyone can manage to keep track of inspection schedules with spreadsheets any longer. And audits? That’s where the right tools are even more strategically necessary when it comes to compliance. If you’re still juggling spreadsheets or disjointed legacy software, it’s time to think about achieving compliance the right way, with the right tools.

    Your Job Made Easier, With the Right Tools

    Compliance and successful audit sessions are equal parts, and they need organization, efficiency and data. And by data, we mean having complete info that’s relevant and easy to access. It’s also important to have the right tools in place, so you can track the complete audit cycle.

    When your EHS software supports your mission, you can keep everyone fully informed at every step of the audit and inspection process. Progress reports? Done. Checklists? Done. Customized audit details? Not a problem.

    And wouldn’t it be handy for your auditing team to have access to your checklists in the field? On the floor? On the road? Your job is also made easier with a software platform that allows real-time input. That way, everyone can use the devices that best serve their individual purposes and tasks. Whether it’s smartphone, tablet or PC, compliance and audit data get entered in a timely fashion and accurately.

    How EHS Software Helps You Achieve Compliance

    • As we mentioned just above, auditors can complete their tasks while offline if your EHS software includes this feature.
    • Integrated platforms allow managers to track everything, from start to finish, thereby covering the entire audit life cycle. Seamless coverage means better coverage and that can lead to better results in the future.
    • Share your audit results easily when everyone uses compliance software and a reporting platform that’s designed for the whole team.
    • Finally, the right software allows you to respond quickly, accurately and effectively to audit and compliance reports.

    Wondering how you can achieve EHS compliance? Managing your audits and inspections through powerful EHS software that’s designed for your industry can take you far. EHS Insight offers a free trial—sign up today and see how much easier compliance can be.


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