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EHS Insight 19.18 Release Notes

Posted by EHS Insight Product Team on October 26, 2019 at 11:18 AM

Check out the latest software updates in EHS Insight 19.18

New Features

Work Observation - Originate Submit

  • Allows users to be in a role that can only Submit new Observations (and see their own Submitted Observations)
  • Flags
    • Originate Submit
    • Shared Submit
      • Shared Task
  • Role 
    • Originate

Investigations - Direct Assignment

  • New workflow setting which allows Investigators to be directly assigned to each Investigation, instead of using an Investigation role

Report Subscriptions

  • Reports have a new button in the top right to allow Subscriptions.
    • The dropdown option allows management of existing subscriptions.


  • Users select a Delivery Frequency and Time, as well as custom Titles and Parameters.

  • The system emails users on following the schedule with a link to their report.

Announcements - Targeted Audience

  • Two new options when creating Announcements:
    • Limit by Business Entity
    • Notifications

  • Limit by Business Entity limits visibility in the dashboard and email sending to the people whose user Business Hierarchy is at (or below) the selected Business Entity.

  • Notifications allow emails to be sent to various user types.
    • Previously emails could only send to Users, Guests, Kiosks, and Device - now users can send announcements to all Managed Contacts as well.

Vendor Request - Hide Documentation From Submit

  • Prevents the first user to submit the Vendor Request form from being overwhelmed by extra, non-required fields.
  • The fields become visible as soon as the Request is submitted.

Form Designer - Custom Email/Print View Footer

  • In Form Designer, under Emails and Print Views, users can now define a custom Footer to show at the bottom of the document.
    • Defined Per Email and Per Print View

Training and Skills Reports - Hidden From New Pattern

  • Training and Skills Reports now show "Hidden" requirements in a new style.

Print Views - "Blank Form" Printing 

  • When printing a blank form, the system now gives more space to "write in" missing fields.

OSHA Reporting - Combined 180-Day Cap 

  • OSHA Directive Number: CPL 02-00-135: "“Employers are allowed to cap the number of days away and/or restricted work/job transfer when a case involves 180 calendar days.”
  • OSHA clarifies here that the regulation says you must record “Lost Time” and “Restricted Time” and may cap them at 180 days. That the 180-day cap may be “combined” and not “each.

  • Capping the time is not a requirement of the regulation, some companies may choose to cap either way (or not at all).

  • Our default is “180-days Each” but we now also have a setting for “180-day Combined.”

  • This only affects the OSHA 300, 300A reports.

Native App - Improved Login Experience

  • An improved, cleaner look for customer login along with an improved error message when the site name given doesn't exist

  • If users need to enter a site that isn't ehsinsight.com, they can type in the full address in the field and the .ehsinsight.com will disappear.
    • Example: test.ehspreview.com if you want to see a site on ehspreview

App Login

Other Features

  • Incident Event – Investigation – Hide Key Lessons Learned
    • Removes Key Lessons Learned Grid
  • Travel Itinerary – Hide Booking Confirmed Field
    • Removes Booking Confirmed Checkbox (Separate from the Booking Workflow)
  • Skill Requirements – Added “By Assignment Only” mode
    • To match the Training “By Assignment Only” pattern
  • Online Training Course library updated Fall Protection course
    • MARCOM update

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