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    July 8, 2022

    Applying a Business Continuity Plan to Workplace Safety

    Consistency is a huge part of any successful business. This is why many companies use a business continuity plan template to help stay organized and respond quickly following a disruption. But what if the principles and steps of a business continuity plan could be applied elsewhere?

    For example, the same components that make up a good business continuity plan could also be applied to workplace health and safety. Let’s take a closer look at how each of these principles can help any business create a safer workplace.

    Identify Potential Risks

    In business, it’s important to identify any potential risks that could disrupt normal operations. The same applies to workplace safety because accidents will undoubtedly interrupt business operations. In fact, many of the risks to a business involve safety issues that need to be addressed proactively. But by identifying the risks that exist, it’s possible to start taking steps to mitigate those risks before something disruptive can happen.

    Plan Response to Risks

    As mentioned, part of identifying risks is to you can do something to minimize the likelihood of something happening or the harm they will cause. As part of a business continuity plan, every risk will be singled out and potential responses are given for each. These responses will be as detailed as possible with a step-by-step implementation plan for how each risk can be mitigated as much as possible. The same applies to each individual safety risk in the workplace. This is why identifying any potential risks is always the first step.

    Assign Roles and Responsibilities

    In order to implement any action regarding business practices or safety, employees need to know the role they have to play. Whether it’s employees on the frontline or those in leadership roles, everyone involved will be assigned specific tasks for how safety risks can be mitigated and workplace safety improved. Ideally, this would be spelled out in the implementation plan. But everyone involved still needs to be clear about what they have to do because it’s team members working together that will ultimately improve workplace safety.

    Communicate Effectively

    Even if everyone understands their assigned tasks, communication is still of the utmost importance when it comes to workplace safety. This is no different than with any other aspect of the business. Good internal communication within a business makes sure that everyone is on the same page and pulling in the same direction. If there are messages that get lost in translation, mistakes can be made, leading to additional but preventable safety risks. Whenever there are employees working together on a safety matter, if there isn’t strong and clear communication among them, the job won’t get done effectively.

    Test and Train

    Another element of a business continuity plan is understanding that the job is never completely done. There are always little ways to improve things, and that’s no different with workplace safety. Companies need to be testing their safety measures by conducting regular audits and inspections. At the same time, employers need to diligently train workers so that they understand the important role they have to play in workplace safety. This is why testing and training are always ongoing activities with regard to workplace safety.

    Get the Right Safety Tools to Help

    Not only should you have a plan for safety but it’s equally important to have the right safety tools. For most companies, that means safety management software like the system offered by EHS Insight. We have software that connects hazard identification, training, communication, and every other element of workplace safety on one platform. This means a more streamlined process and a safer workplace.

    If your ultimate goal is a safer workplace, let’s have a conversation about how our software can be a part of that.

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