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    December 9, 2020

    Common Danger Signs You May Need to Post in Your Work Area

    Appropriate signage is sometimes one of the most overlooked aspects of creating a safe work environment. It sounds simple enough, but too many employers don’t fully recognize the impact they can have and their importance to workers. After all, you can never do too much to promote a safe workplace culture.

    Of course, the danger signs at a workplace need to be appropriate and placed correctly. Obviously, this will vary from one business to another. However, any company in the manufacturing or construction industry should be aware of the common danger signs that they may need to display to remind and instruct workers on proper safety protocols.

    Prohibited Access

    In many workplace operations, there are areas that will have restricted access and be prohibited to most workers. Of course, everybody should know whether they have business being in that specific area or not. But it never hurts to have a sign that says something along the lines of “Authorized Personnel Only.”

    You never know who might be walking through a work zone or if an employee who should know better has their mind on other things and has forgotten. It could be due to high voltage, hazardous waste, or some other reason why an area is off-limits. The bottom line is it’s important to have danger signs warning everyone to stay away unless their presence is required.

    Mandatory Instructions

    As mentioned, there’s no such thing as doing too much when it comes to cultivating a safe work environment. One way to go the extra mile is by posting danger signs - and even OSHA safety signs - that instruct employees on the mandatory protocol. Most of the time, this will be as simple as “Eye Protection Must Be Worn in This Area” or reminding employees that certain clothing should be worn or a specific piece of equipment should be used.

    These types of danger signs are both instructions and reminders. All employees should already be properly trained to wear specific PPE or take specific steps during a particular work task. But posting signs will help to reinforce this training and encourage workers to take safety precautions seriously.

    Emergency Equipment

    Employers should always make an effort to post signs that share the location of safety equipment in the workplace. A fire extinguisher is probably the best example of this. But there are first aid kits, an emergency phone, or any kind of safety equipment that you’re required to have in the workplace, there should be signs pointing employees in that direction. Needless to say, this also applies to any emergency exits.

    Again, the message behind these signs should have already been covered during safety training. Employees shouldn’t be working if they don’t know the location of the emergency exit or where the fire extinguisher is located. However, signs are still important because you never know how someone will react in an emergency. It’s easy to forget simple things, which is why signs need to be placed reminding workers of where to go and where to find things. 

    More Items for Your Checklist

    The bottom line is that posting danger signs and safety reminders are an important part of creating a safety-first culture in any workplace. Posting signs can be a simple but effective way of reinforcing training. The information on these signs won’t be anything that workers don’t already know, but it won’t hurt to have the extra reminder.

    Another part of taking workplace safety to the next level is having comprehensive EHS software. We have software that will help you manage everything from reporting incidents to managing inspections to providing safety training. Must like posting danger signs, it’s the best way to leave no stone unturned when it comes to employee health and safety.

    If this is an area where you’d like to improve your workplace safety, contact us and we’ll get our software integrated in no time.

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