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    June 26, 2023

    EHS Insight Lands a Spot on Capterra's EHS Software Shortlist

    EHS Insight is proud to announce that we have been named an “Established Player” on Capterra’s 2023 EHS Management Software Shortlist. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible EHS management software.

    Capterra is a leading online marketplace for business software, and its EHS Management Software Shortlist is a highly regarded resource for businesses looking for EHS software solutions. To be named an “Established Player” on the shortlist, EHS Insight had to meet a rigorous set of criteria, including:

    • Positive customer reviews
    • A strong product offering
    • A commitment to innovation

    We are grateful to our customers for their positive reviews, and we are committed to continuing to innovate and improve our product offering. We believe that EHS Insight is the best EHS management software on the market, and we are proud to be recognized by Capterra as an “Established Player.”

    What makes EHS Insight an “Established Player”?

    There are a number of factors that make EHS Insight an “Established Player” in the EHS management software market. These include:

    If you are looking for an EHS management software solution, EHS Insight is a great option. We offer a comprehensive feature set, a user-friendly interface, a mobile app, and a commitment to innovation. We are also proud to be recognized by Capterra as an “Established Player” in the EHS management software market.

    To learn more about EHS Insight, please visit our website or contact us today.

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