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    June 12, 2019

    EHS Insight Releases New Performance Management Module

    StarTex Software’s EHS Insight, a premier provider of cloud software solutions for environmental, health and safety (EHS) management, today announced the release of its Performance Management module as the latest addition to the Competency Management solution.

    The latest module is designed to help organizations further develop and nurture their workforce through advanced leadership training, small group training and professional development. Users can assign, assess and evaluate training initiatives to improve employee growth and competency assurance.

    With the new Performance Management module, certain users can:

    • Identify the standards they are expected to learn, monitor performance feedback, see department activities and retrieve the resources they need to complete tasks, and participate in new learning and development tasks, such as taking personality assessments or managing journal entries, for example.

    • Create and manage curriculums, and measure progress and learning outcomes that demonstrate employee competencies. 

    • Find and fix curriculum and training-related gaps and redundancies to achieve desired learning outcomes.

    • Analyze results and generate status and completion reports through a dynamic, intuitive dashboard.

    Some user personas include:

    • With full data access, Administrators can interact with the module without being directly part of the Workflow process.

    • Coordinators design curriculum, assign coaches and participants to development plans.

    • Coaches spearhead plans, track participant completion, provide feedback through the newly built dashboard.

    • Participants are assigned to a plan and have completion status tracked during a plan. They are also able to participate via the dashboard.

    For more information, please contact EHS Insight at +1 877 571 7475 or email If you're ready to start your free trial, click here.

    Performance Management is part of the EHS Insight 19.10 release. 

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