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    January 13, 2021

    Essential Safety Tools and Equipment Manufacturing Employees Need

    Maintaining a safe work environment requires a lot of things. For starters, it requires commitment and organization on the part of company managers and supervisors. But commitment and organization can only go so far if company leaders don’t provide employees with the proper safety tools and equipment. Ultimately, those are the tangible items that will keep employees safe while on the job.

    Of course, safety tools and equipment will often vary from one manufacturing business to the next and from one employee to the next. A lot of it depends on what a company does and what tasks individual employees perform. However, there are certain safety tools that are universally needed in the manufacturing industry. To make sure you have the basics covered, here are the types of personal protective equipment you’ll need.

    Head Protection

    When it comes to safety tools, your best bet is to start at the top. Be aware of any employees that may need head protection. OSHA regulations stipulate that any employee who’s at risk of objects from above falling on them needs to wear a hard hat. Depending on the specific job site, that could be the majority of workers. Even if hard hats aren’t required, it doesn’t hurt to have workers wear bump caps just so their head has some form of protection against accidental bumps on the head.


    Most manufacturing workers perform tasks with their hands, so protecting their hands should be a priority. Any employee who works with chemicals, sheet metal, glass, or electricity should wear safety gloves. The same is true for workers who spend time in cold conditions or handle hot objects. The caveat is that there are a variety of safety gloves available that are designed for specific tasks, so it’ll take some work to find the right safety tools for your workers.

    Eye and Face Protection

    A significant amount of workplace injuries are to the eyes and face, and a vast majority of them are preventable with some kind of protection. Safety goggles or face shields can work wonders in making sure debris or flying particles don’t end up hitting someone directly in the eye. Employees who work in hot temperatures should also have the proper equipment to shield their face and eyes.

    Ear Protection

    It’s amazing how easily ear protection is forgotten when discussing safety tools and equipment. Believe it or not, a loud work environment can be considered hazardous for employees and lead to health ailments in the long run. In a noisy workplace, every employee should have the option to wear earplugs or earmuffs to help reduce the noise. Not only is it bad for their hearing but it can also be distracting while they’re trying to focus on their jobs.

    Protective Clothing

    Last but not least, the right kind of clothing can be considered among the safety tools that workers need. In many industrial settings, high-visibility vests or safety jackets should be worn at all times. There are also employees in some industries who can benefit from fire-resistant clothing or apparel that’s resistant to chemical splashes, grease, and other hazards.

    Safety Software Solves Your Biggest Challenges

    If you’re a manager or supervisor, you know that safety tools and equipment are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a safe work environment. The best tool at your disposal might be a safety management system that helps keep every aspect of safety within your company organized. EHS Insight’s software helps to manage everything from workplace accident reports to inspections to safety training to compliance. It’s designed to save both time and money while also making sure that no aspect of safety is overlooked.

    If you’re interested in getting a little extra help when it comes to safety, contact us anytime and we’ll let you know how we can help improve safety at your company.

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