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    February 5, 2021

    How Healthy and Safe Employees Improve Workplace Productivity

    There are many companies that believe there needs to be a balance between a workplace that’s safe and a workplace that’s productive. But it doesn’t have to be a choice of one or the other. Keeping employees safe and prioritizing their health doesn’t have to mean a decline in workplace productivity.

    In fact, increasing dedication to safety measures can often bring about an increase in productivity and a better bottom line. It’s just a matter of going about things the right way and not trying to cut corners. To prove our point, let’s go over some of the reasons why committing to keeping employees healthy and safe can lead to increased levels of workplace productivity.

    Healthy Workers Don’t Call in Sick

    One of the great hindrances of workplace productivity is a lack of workers. For instance, when employees call in sick, everyone else has to pick up the slack, which will inevitably slow things down. Even if unsafe working conditions aren’t contributing to workers calling in sick, pushing workers too hard and tiring them out can lead to employees taking more sick days over time. Of course, workplace accidents and injuries are an even bigger hindrance to workplace productivity. These can force workers to miss an extended period of time, leading to a significant slow down in how much work is getting accomplished.

    Safe Conditions Limit Shut Downs

    Most companies would prefer to limit the amount of time spent inspecting machines or putting employees through safety draining or emergency drills. But it’s best to think of these safety measures as long-term investments. If the safety and productivity of a machine aren’t monitored closely, when it stops working, there could be an extended period when no work gets done, which doesn’t help the bottom line. Likewise, if there is an accident, it can shut down the assembly line for an extended period while an investigation is conducted. Proper safety measures may take up a little bit of time, but if they prevent an extended shutdown, it will improve workplace productivity in the long run.

    High Morale Means High Productivity

    Companies should never discount the effect that high employee morale can have on productivity levels. When employees feel safe at work and aren’t concerned about their safety, they’re more likely to work harder and be more productive. Several studies have shown a connection between employee happiness and productivity, not to mention a decline in operating costs. Creating a culture of safety within the workplace will give employees less to worry about, helping them be more focused and engaged on the task at hand, which will ultimately increase productivity.

    Employee Retention and Recruitment 

    One often overlooked aspect of workplace productivity is the ability to recruit quality workers and then retain your best workers over the long run. If a business doesn’t take employee safety seriously, it doesn’t take long for workers to figure it out. That will increase the number of employees who look for other job opportunities, forcing the company to hire new workers. Expenses go up and workplace productivity goes down when new workers have to be hired and trained. But when workers feel safe at work, they’re more likely to stick with the same company long-term. In fact, having a good safety record is one way to attract skilled workers to your company, which will help improve production.

    How to Stay Safe and Productive

    One trick to maintaining a safe workplace and keeping employees productive is to implement our safety monitoring software. Our software makes it easier to get ahead of potential hazards, keep up with safety training, and meet any compliance requirements. It’s a proven method of keeping employees healthy, happy, and productive.

    If you want to improve company safety and increase your productivity in the process, give us a call and we can have our software up and running in no time.

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