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    November 30, 2016

    Maritime: Improving Safety at Sea (and in the Office)

    The safe operation of ships both when they’re on the water and when they’re in port has a significant impact on the bottom line. Here’s how a solid EHS program can help maritime companies improve their day-to-day operations. 

    From proper waterfront signaling to the safe operating of bulk handling equipment—and everything that takes place in the office—maritime EHS professionals have their hands full. That goes double for offshore energy companies, for whom the demands can seem even heavier.

    An efficient program can help with all those aspects of maritime safety, and more.

    EHS Programs Help the Maritime Offshore Industry

    Worldwide, maritime companies are breaking their own TRIR records every year. There are various tools that help companies apply a systematic approach to safety: so incidents are prevented and operations become even safer and more efficient.

    How, exactly, does that work?

    One Example: Catastrophic Incident Avoided

    According to a BSEE safety alert from June 2015, the reasons for a near miss of a catastrophic incident were clear. Here’s what happened. 

    Workers on a deep water floating facility were installing a gas lift mezzanine that shifted during the process. The load jammed between two other objects and a 4-inch valve body was damaged.

    But the danger wasn’t over. Workers attempted to unjam the gas lift piping without proper channels of communication and took unauthorized action. They risked explosion but the manager stopped work before that could take place.

    In subsequent analysis of the events leading up to the near miss, the company was able to discover several factors that contributed to the situation. Recommendations were made to prevent future incidents like this.

    Complex situations like this are managed more efficiently with modern EHS software that allows robust reporting, easy data collection, and customization for any industry.


    Maritime companies, including offshore energy companies, can keep workers safe in the office as well as at sea, they can survive under BCEE regulations, and they can remain competitive every step of the wayall with the help of cutting edge software designed for EHS professionals in the maritime industry.

    Find out how your company can improve its program with the best value in EHS software available today. 


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