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    April 1, 2020

    OSHA Maritime Safety Training Standards

    Shipping is one of the world’s biggest industries – and one of the most dangerous. Whether you’re dealing with a slippery deck or a confined space, there are marine safety hazards everywhere you turn.

    Of course, when your employees don’t have a moment’s rest, it’s hard to get them to pay attention to the safety hazards all around them. This is why you rely on safety training – to ensure that your employees are prepared to meet any hazard head-on.

    Still trying to convince management that it’s time to update training? Here’s why OSHA maritime training is a critical investment for your employees and the success of your whole business.

    Compliance with Maritime Standards

    If you want to be safe, you have to be compliant. And if your employees don’t know what OSHA’s safety rules are, it’s difficult to expect them to be compliant with the rules.

    OSHA maritime safety training is the perfect place to drill essential maritime standards, from general working conditions to safety when working alone. More than just providing a list of rules, training on maritime standards allows you to offer real-world examples to help employees understand the standards.

    Boosting Productivity

    While safety and productivity are often presented in conflict, the reality is that safety and productivity go hand-in-hand.

    A genuine commitment to health and safety training is one of the best ways to show employees that you care about them, and employees who know you care are far more likely to be engaged in their work. By some estimates, disengaged employees have 18% lower productivity, 37% higher absenteeism, and 15% lower profitability.

    In terms of numbers, you’re looking at losing around 34% of an employee’s salary, or $3,400 for every $10,000 they make.

    And in the broader scope of the whole economy, actively disengaged employees cost the US $450 billion to $550 billion per year.

    Cost Savings

    As you can see, safety training isn’t merely a legal or ethical responsibility. It’s also good business sense, saving your business thousands per year.

    But the business benefits of OSHA maritime safety training run deeper than the salaries of disengaged employees. When your employees know how to work safely and productively, they can be more efficient for your business, driving your whole organization forward with a greater overall profit.

    Plus, a safer workplace means fewer expensive workplace incidents and a reduced need for expensive PR cleanup to deal with the aftermath of an incident.

    The OSHA Maritime Training Your Team Needs

    In short, OSHA maritime training is an investment in your business’s success, and now is the time to make that investment.

    For everything else related to safety, we’re here to help guide the way. We know the unique challenges facing the maritime industry, which is why we designed safety software that meets the industry’s biggest problems head-on. Instead of playing catch-up, your team can think proactively and work toward the success of your business.

    Ready to change the way you think about safety? We’re ready to help. Get in touch today to learn how we can strengthen your maritime business.

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