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    April 19, 2017

    EHS Takeaways from Shell’s 2016 Sustainability Report

    It does not matter if you work in the oil industry or not – EHS managers can always count on Shell’s annual sustainability report to learn ways to improve their own operations.

    Shell’s 2016 Sustainability Report is now live, and it’s a doozy. Comb through it yourself, or discover three key findings from the report right here.

    Source: Fuel Fix

    Insight: Embed sustainability into every project.

    Shell reveals its multi-step process in ensuring sustainability accompanies every project. Using the same approach for every project worldwide provides a consistency that ultimately reduces the environmental impact in every stage of the process.

    To do this, Shell relies largely on community involvement to evaluate environmental, social and health repercussions, and to address concerns of those impacted by the project.

    The 6-phase process is evaluated at each step, at which point Shell must decide whether or not to continue the project, and how to do so.

    Takeaway:  It’s essential to understand how your company’s actions will impact the communities therein. Involving community organizations can round out your sustainability efforts.

    Insight: Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

    Making Shell a safer place to work means getting every employee involved – all the time. The company's top-notch safety culture includes safety days and ongoing training that have led to a steady decline in Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF), Fatal Accident Rate (FAR), and Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF).

    Takeaway: Safety practices are never “one and done.” It’s vital to continue training and employee engagement to establish safety as a core cultural value.

    Insight: Turn incidents into learning experiences.

    Accidents can happen in any company, regardless of the precautions and procedures in place. And when those accidents do occur, Shell takes those opportunities to learn and innovate from them, including examples of incidents that happened at other companies.

    Takeaway: Evaluate how and why incidents occur and share your findings company-wide.

    Discover more insights in Shell’s 2016 Sustainability Report here.