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    August 9, 2023

    Safety Guidelines for Delivery Drivers

    At first glance, being a delivery driver might seem like a simple job. After all, it’s just driving from one place to the next. But being a delivery driver in any industry for any company is a lot more complicated than making sure the delivery order form is fulfilled. Delivery drivers need to keep their safety and welfare in mind when they work. Likewise, companies that employ delivery drivers need to make this a priority as well. With that said let’s take a look at some of the best safety guidelines and practices that any company should use when it comes to delivery drivers.

    Limit Distractions

    It never hurts to remind delivery drivers that they’re working and need to remain professional. This means limiting distractions as much as possible. They shouldn’t be making any non-work-related phone calls, eating, or playing with the radio. Drivers should remain free of distractions while on the road.

    Plan Routes Ahead of Time

    Driving is always easier and safer when the driver knows where they’re going. Even if there is a GPS device guiding them, drivers should plan out the route ahead of time and be familiar with it. They should know about every turn and every exit ahead of time so that nothing comes as a surprise, and they aren’t distracted from driving safely by getting lost.

    Be a Defensive Driver

    It can’t be stressed enough how important it is for delivery drivers to be defensive drivers. Safety is always more important than speed, even if it means arriving at the destination a little late. There is never a reason why delivery drivers should be the most aggressive drivers on the road. Therefore, companies should teach their delivery drivers how to drive defensively and stay out of trouble.

    Look Out for Signs of Fatigue

    It should go without saying that tired drivers are going to be more prone to mistakes. The best way to combat this is to recognize the signs of fatigue and know when it’s not safe to drive. Of course, drivers will know when they’re yawning or feel their eyes getting tired. But frequent changes in speed, drifting, and missing turns are also signs of driver fatigue. They are also signs that it’s no longer safe for someone to be driving.

    Perform Vehicle Inspections

    To help ensure driver safety, employers should be committed to performing regular vehicle inspections. This is the best way to spot issues with the vehicle that make it less safe to drive and get those issues sorted out. Delivery drivers have a hard enough time already; they don’t need their job to be made less safe by a vehicle that needs repairs.

    Take Weather into Account

    The weather should always be accounted for when driving a company vehicle. Drivers should always change how they drive based on the weather conditions. Again, arriving someplace safely is more important than arriving on time. This means that drivers must change their approach during inclement weather to make sure they are driving safely.

    Stay in Touch

    Drivers should always have someone to contact regularly during their shifts. Obviously, they should let someone know that deliveries are happening on time. But the contact person should also be concerned with the safety of their driver and make sure there are no safety concerns that might need to be addressed.

    Finding Help for Workplace Safety

    Any business that wants to be committed to workplace safety shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. That’s why EHS Insight offers help in the form of our software solutions. We have created a system designed to monitor every aspect of occupational health and safety. Our software helps to protect employees, giving your business the tools to keep them safe while also managing safety more cost-effectively.

    If you’re open to some outside help when it comes to workplace safety, call us anytime because we want to be your partner when it comes to occupational safety.