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    July 30, 2020

    Summer Safety Videos to Share with Your Team

    Who says safety has to be boring? If you think of safety training as dry presentations and recitation of the rule book, you’re thinking about safety all wrong.

    If you want to teach an effective safety lesson, the best approach is to leverage the way people learn. And the truth is, people are way better at remembering visual content than words. Words are abstract, but visuals are concrete and easy to picture.

    Plus, it’s summer. Your workers don’t want to be stuck in a room all day. So, why not incorporate a few summer safety videos into your safety training? Here are a few great safety videos to use in your next training.

    Funny Videos

    It’s summertime and people’s spirits are up. Who says a safety video has to get them down?

    If your office has fans of The Office, this safety video on first aid fails should be just what the doctor ordered. In the words of Michael Scott, “this is why we have training: we start with the dummy, and we learn from our mistakes…”

    Another crowd-pleaser is this classic skit from the Australian ad-lib comedy show Thank God You’re Here. It’s hilarious, and it sends an important message about safety messaging. Or rather, how not to do safety messaging. When one safety inspector says, “Your safety officer is doing stunts! What message does this send to your other workers?” the foreman replies easily, “That one day, if they work hard enough, they can be like Vinny!”

    Vinny, of course, is the safety officer doing stunts on a forklift, an open invitation to a forklift accident.

    Heat Safety Videos

    Heat safety and heat stress are a major concern in the summer specifically. Which makes it the perfect time to share a short heat safety video or two.

    This collection of heat safety videos is a great place to start. These particular videos are created by various branches of OSHA, safety departments, and local fire departments. These guys are the current authority on safety, making these videos a great resource to keep on hand.

    Better still, the videos are all quick, easy to remember, and designed to send a safety message that sticks.

    COVID-19 Videos

    We couldn’t talk about summer safety videos in the age of pandemic without mentioning coronavirus safety videos.

    For that, it’s best to turn to the trusted authorities on the matter. Fortunately, OSHA has created a whole library of videos addressing essential coronavirus safety topics.

    Put Your Summer Safety Videos into Action

    These summer safety videos are just the tip of the iceberg. The truth is, many safety issues remain prevalent year-round. If you have certain videos that are fan favorites, it’s a good idea to keep them in your library to use throughout the year.

    And if you’re looking for more safety videos (or tips on how to create your own) you’ve come to the right place. Check out this post on video tips covering the basics of lockout/tagout training. And if you’re looking to strengthen your safety training, make sure to check out our training management software today.

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