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    November 20, 2020

    The Benefits of Safety Training and Consulting

    Unfortunately, in this ever-changing business landscape of downsizing and outsourcing and limited resources, every spare dollar has to be justified, even in the case of safety training and, worse, in the case of hiring EHS professionals. You need to make every cent go further, but you still need to guarantee the health and safety of your employees.

    This is where safety training and consulting can help you go a bit further. It allows you to enlist the services of an experienced safety professional without the trouble of trying to enlist one full time. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of hiring a consultant.

    What Are Safety Consultants?

    Safety consultants are an outside EHS professional brought in to offer a fresh perspective. They evaluate your program, often bringing it up to regulatory standards and ensuring that you’re meeting your safety goals.

    Their duties often include:

    • Evaluating whole programs or unique elements of a program
    • Identifying problems in workstations, offices, and workspaces
    • Writing safety manuals
    • Updating safety policies
    • Investigating incidents and workplace accidents
    • Provide training

    The last point is particularly essential for your EHS team, as safety consultants are experts who are ideally positioned to offer the kind of high-level training your team needs to reach new levels of success.

    Bringing Safety Training and Consulting Together

    Your in-house EHS professionals are also able to offer safety training. But the truth is, if you want truly outstanding safety training, an outside consultant is a fantastic investment in employee safety success.

    A safety consultant’s job is to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in safety. They know the best safety training techniques for successful safety education. They know the latest changes in training requirements. They know the most recent information you need to share with your workers.

    Why Go Outside Your Company?

    The first response, of course, is that you already have an in-house EHS team. Why bother hiring an outside professional to teach something your EHS team already knows?

    For one thing, your EHS team is at the heart of your entire safety program, which means they’re responsible for making sure that the whole thing goes off without a hitch. They just don’t have all the time in the world to craft outstanding safety training.

    An outside safety consultant takes that responsibility out of their hands. A consultant’s job, for this project, is to provide you the best training possible, and that’s it. So, they’re going to focus on delivering the best training possible.

    Putting Your Safety Training in Action

    Unfortunately, your safety work doesn’t end with safety training and consulting. You have to make strategic investments in safety success, and that means a host of tools. Consultants are just one part of the puzzle of enacting safer employee behavior. If you’re looking to streamline the way you deliver your safety training, our safety training software can help, making it easier than ever to take charge of your training content. 

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