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    March 3, 2021

    The Top Health and Safety Companies of 2020

    What features make the top health and safety companies in America? What steps does a company have to take to remain safe?

    In 2020, the question was more complicated–and more prevalent–than ever before. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workplace became an area riddled with confusion, worry, and risk. Some companies met that challenge head-on and redefined what it is to have a truly safe work environment.

    Taken from the EHS Today America’s Safest Companies Awards, here’s a look at the three top health and safety companies as of 2020.

    Georg Fischer Americas, Piping Division

    The number 1 company on our list in 2020 is Georg Fischer Americas, Piping Division. That’s because while most companies were caught off-guard by the pandemic, Georg Fischer was ready to spring into action.

    Unlike many companies, which had to scramble to craft a pandemic plan from scratch, Georg Fischer already had one, and it includes many now-standard practices like social distancing and mandatory masks.

    This is just one part of a larger effort the company has made in recent years to push toward safety as part of its company-wide Safety at Work Standards, many of which exceed OSHA regulations for safety.

    Forest Electric New Jersey

    At Forest Electric New Jersey, safety involves two pillars:

    • Methodical work practices
    • Commitment to people

    As the company’s safety director explains it, Forest Electric’s approach is that getting the job done quickly should never take precedence over getting the job done correctly and safely. That applies to everyone from the executive team to an entry-level technician.

    The second point speaks to Forest Electric’s team-oriented methodology, which firmly believes that safety is a team effort that involves everyone. To that end, Forest Electric uses a system of custom-built web-based forms for all employees to log safety observations. That way, everyone has the power to report safety and ensure quality.

    Egan Company

    Last but not least is Egan Company, a construction and specialty contractor company. While safety is prevalent for all companies during the pandemic, it’s especially important in essential industries like construction where workers cannot work remotely and cannot take time off work.

    At Egan, the executive team and employees writ large each have their own set of safety best practices. Employees are all empowered to conduct their work safely, order an immediate halt to unsafe practices, and take corrective action so that work can proceed safely.

    The company prioritizes employee engagement and executive buy-in, and to that end, it incentivizes employees to participate in safety.

    Remake Your Organization as One of the Top Health and Safety Companies

    As you can see from these three companies, becoming one of the top health and safety companies isn’t overnight. It’s an ongoing journey and a commitment to building a safer workplace, one day at a time.

    To do that, it helps to have the right tools. That’s where we come in, with safety management software that empowers EHS teams to make the right decisions at the right moments. Get in touch today to learn how our software can support your team.

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