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    August 14, 2023

    The Value of Sustainability Management Software

    Through sustainability reporting, your organization is empowered to make responsible, data-driven decisions in order to reduce its carbon emissions on the environment.  

    Managing your company's sustainability progress means keeping up with compliance requirements and improving its social and environmental record. Ultimately, you want to reduce potential hazards and risk, create efficient reporting and organize all of your sustainability initiatives with other systems.

    When your organization combines the right environmental management tools and resources, it will grow into a sustainable business model. Here are some of the key benefits of investing in sustainability software.

    Key Benefits of Sustainability Software

    Reduce environmental impact

    • Identifies what business units need to reduce energy
    • Monitor and report on various resource consumption and other key sustainability metrics

    Mitigate environmental risk

    • Lower consumption to reduce both environmental costs and carbon footprint
    • Continually communicate progress on local, national or global environmental efforts

    Report and track

    • Creates streamlined processes for better sustainability tracking and reporting 

    Achieve compliance

    • Produce data for standards such as ISO 26000, Global Reporting Initiative and Carbon Disclosure Project
    • Provides auditors with instant access to all records

    Sustainability Software and Corporate Social Responsibility

    Nowadays, it's important for businesses to include strategies that focus on sustainability and social responsibility. Eco-friendly business models help establish trust with consumers, and provide strong values for a company.

    A sustainable business means providing products and services that satisfy the customers without jeopardizing the environment. Companies that build sustainability into their business models are the ones that are long-lived.

    To help businesses achieve environmental efficiency, ISO 14001 was created. It's the world’s environmental management standard which provides organizations with a framework for protecting the environment while delivering value to customers. Consumers don’t have to worry about a company that is simply going to walk away. This is important so that each consumer can develop an ongoing relationship with the companies that they choose to work with. 

    Fortunately, with sustainability software, companies can set environmental objectives and targets to achieve sustainable business practices. This type of software helps sustainability leaders streamline their environmental, health and safety operations while reducing costs and carbon footprint.

    It is of best practice to frequently monitor, manage and report on resource consumption and sustainability key performance indicators. ISO published the ISO 26000 standard to provide guidance to organizations on how to achieve social responsibility. This benefit is intended for organizations of all types, regardless of industry. 

    Remember, sustainability is the capacity to endure. With the right strategies and tools in place, companies can provide quality products and services to customers while maintaining sustainable growth. Many successful companies focus on both sustainability and social responsibility – and they have a lasting brand because consumers trust them.

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