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    November 9, 2017

    The Ideal Tool for Sustainability Managers

    In our current digital age, there are tools to manage just about every aspect of your organization’s sustainability program. Collections of spreadsheets can help you document compliance, training, and observations, while hard drives may house copies of your permits, check sheets, and forms.

    For most companies, the problem isn’t the lack of solutions to help you manage sustainability. Rather, it’s having too many tools that each solve a specific problem, but do nothing to contribute to the larger picture.

    Consider your current system for tracking sustainability metrics. How long does it take before you realize you aren’t hitting your goals?

    The right sustainability software should give you an up-to-the-minute look at your current status to see where you’re making the grade and where you need to improve. Even better, metrics are backed by integrated data to show you the why behind each metric.

    By integrating your efforts into a single management platform, you and your team are better positioned to dive deeper into your sustainability program – and in less time than using a fragmented system.

    Carbon and GHG Emissions

    An integrated EHS tool doesn’t stop at a single location. Whether you have one or multiple facilities worldwide, a robust sustainability solution can help ensure each one is meeting all requirements. It also means sustainability managers can monitor and track emissions program requirements remotely.

    Waste Management

    Waste management is high on the priority list since its impact is often felt in both the company and the community. An integrated tool can help managers save precious time by tracking, approving, and managing disposal facilities and transporters. In addition, you can record hazardous and non-hazardous waste, shipment information, profiles, and other important data from a single platform.

    Energy Usage

    Energy consumption isn’t just an environmental factor, it’s also essential to a company’s bottom line. An integrated sustainability tool lets managers collect and monitor crucial data from multiple sources so they can plan and adjust for energy consumption.

    In Closing

    Sustainability efforts are rarely isolated. Everything you do to protect your employees, company, and community affect other areas of your operations. When you use single tools to handle each part of your sustainability program, you get surface level insights that leave you to connect your own dots. Make sure that your organization has a sustainability solution that can provide everything related to your program.

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