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    December 21, 2020

    Time-Saving Benefits of Workplace Safety Technology

    Time is at a premium in every company but perhaps never more so than when it comes to workplace health and safety. There are federal, state, and local regulations to adhere to, plus industry standards, financial liabilities, and insurance concerns to be aware of.

    It puts a lot of pressure on health and safety coordinators and others who work in this role to stay on top of data collection and analysis, investigative work in response to observations and incident reports, and compliance requirements. Using workplace safety technology can help keep companies on-track while also saving money by creating and strengthening efficiencies in workflow and process.

    Access from Anywhere

    Workplace safety technology typically has a mobile application feature that allows you to carry out safety-related duties from anywhere. You can take action in real-time or work offline and then sync upon your reconnection to a network. Having a workplace health and safety app can reduce the paperwork and reference materials you need to physically carry with you into the field, whether you’re making observations, taking measurements or investigating workplace accidents. A more nimble workforce can carry out their responsibilities more efficiently.

    Streamline Data Collection and Analysis

    Some health and safety statistics require ongoing collection and aggregate reporting on a regular basis–often, this is at least annually but sometimes more frequently. Relying on workplace safety technology, like EHS Insight, gives you a single place to record, store, and analyze the data collected by your organization, no matter who documented it.

    Alleviate the time crunch that typically comes with gathering a year’s worth of data, working on a way to present it so that it meets federal, state, local or regulatory requirements, and processing those reports. Workplace safety technology can serve as a clearinghouse for data collection and transmission, with pre-loaded reporting functions that can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

    Improve Outreach and Accountability

    Whether your organization is large or small, keeping track of what training is required for each employee and whether that training has been completed is a time-consuming task. Using workplace safety technology is a great way to stay on top of this. Training notifications can be rolled out to employees via an app, and employees’ marking the training complete when they’ve finished the task can automatically update their training records.

    In some cases, you can even deliver health and safety training to your team directly through workplace safety technology to minimize scheduling issues related to ensuring everyone attends necessary training programs.

    Improve Overall Workplace Safety Support

    With all of the data your organization can collect through workplace safety technology, you’ll have a wealth of information to work with in analyzing not only key workplace safety metrics but also ways to further minimize risk.

    Combining incident reports with near-miss data can help quickly identify areas where additional training or a change in procedures may be needed. Use this information to impartially allocate resources to where the data shows they’re actually needed, instead of relying on subjective opinions or institutional habit.

    Analytical and presentation functions of workplace software technology can provide useful graphs, charts, and other data representations with ease, which makes it easier to convey important observations about what’s really going on in your organization when it comes to the health and safety of your employees.

    The Final Word on Workplace Safety Technology

    Adopting workplace safety technology can allow your organization to be more efficient when it comes to addressing health and safety issues for your teams. Having a centralized interface that’s accessible to everyone who needs it, wherever they may be, provides a reliable and practical alternative to old-fashioned paper record-keeping. Workplace safety technology can also improve an organization’s ability to analyze its needs and move quickly to address them.

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