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    January 7, 2020

    Winter Safety Topics for Your Next Workplace Meeting

    No matter what line of work you’re in, it’s important to pay attention to workplace safety. There’s no other time of year where that’s more important than during the winter months, as cold, dark, and snowy and/or icy conditions make everything just that more complicated.

    If you’re responsible for running workplace safety workshops, here are some great winter safety topics for your next workplace safety meeting.

    Weather-Related Winter Safety Topics

    Unless you live and work in a place where the temperature never drops below freezing, odds are you’ll have to deal with winter weather. Snow and ice make commuting or deliveries difficult and dangerous, so reviewing important safety tips for driving in inclement weather is an excellent topic for any winter safety workshop.

    The dangers don’t just stop there, though. Keeping sidewalks or thoroughfares clear of ice and snow keeps employees, customers, and site visitors safer from suffering slips, trips, and falls, so ensuring that you have clear snow and ice clearing protocols set in place, and that everyone knows their responsibilities regarding removal, is another important topic to cover.

    Other Seasonal Safety Concerns

    While coping with weather conditions might be the first workplace safety meeting topic that springs to mind when you think of winter-related safety, there are plenty of other safety concerns that come along with the season.

    The winter months are often overwhelming on personal productivity thanks to the short days and long nights, and adapting to these conditions can cause problems for many workers. It’s highly recommended to provide some information on resetting your biological clock during these winter months so workers can remain alert and not accident-prone.

    Other winter-specific issues to consider for your winter safety meeting topics include some more so-called “soft” skills such as interpersonal communication and conflict resolution. Winter, and especially the holiday season, is a high-stress time for just about everyone due to societal pressures in the lead up to the New Year and beyond.

    Short tempers can flare and create both physically and emotionally dangerous situations. If you’re in the retail sector this is perhaps one of the biggest dangers you’re likely to face as staff struggle to meet high customer expectations while working long hours.

    The Final Roundup on Winter Safety Workshops

    The winter season can be hectic for many companies, but you owe it to your workers — and the continued success of your business — to ensure that your place of business stays as safe as possible during the colder months of the year. Taking the time to put a safety curriculum into effect, and tailoring it specifically to address the most common winter safety concerns for the workplace, is the best way to weather the season successfully.

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