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    December 15, 2020

    Workplace Safety Store: A Key Partner in Minimizing Risk

    Workplace safety is a critical component of having an organization that runs well. Safety has a role in supporting employee productivity and morale while minimizing risks and liabilities. But for many companies, it can be challenging to manage all aspects of workplace safety in-house. That’s where the benefits of having a trusted workplace safety store come in.

    Workplace Safety Store Resources

    Turning to a workplace safety store can be a reliable source for a variety of products that help your organization achieve its health and safety-related goals. Many of these businesses are specialized by the type of products they offer. Stores sell PPE, offer training and educational resources, and tools, equipment, and software programs that help companies manage their health and safety needs. While some stores have a physical location where you can shop, many have full catalogs available online and ship virtually anywhere. And because these stores are so specialized, their teams typically have the insight to guide your purchases if you’re seeking to resolve a particular problem.

    Stores Meet Everyday and Specialty Needs

    A company’s workplace safety needs can vary greatly, and a workplace safety store has the connections to get whatever specialized supplies are needed. Stores can general product lines of personal protective gear, OSHA safety signage, tools, and more for off-the-shelf purchases. They can also source hard-to-find or specialty items that are essential for your business operations but time-consuming for your health and safety team to locate on their own. Depending on your needs, some vendors may offer custom options to create the ideal solution to keep your workers safe.

    Save Time and Money

    Choosing to invest in products or services from a workplace safety store can actually save your company time and money. Instead of visiting several vendors to purchase a variety of items, a well-stocked store can provide everything you need. This minimizes paperwork and streamlines procurement for your company.

    Choosing to adopt health and safety software can expedite recordkeeping, filing, and reporting functions, while also making more in-depth tasks like analytics easier and more efficient. Store-bought solutions for training can also save company resources; a commercially prepared program is ready to go, whereas producing safety training in-house requires a significant commitment of financial and personnel resources.

    Training and Support

    When your organization purchases their health and safety supplies from a workplace safety store, there’s typically a minimum level of service that’s included. This can be as simple as offering a liberal exchange policy if PPE doesn’t fit someone, for example, or full on-site tech support to accompany the roll-out of new equipment or tools. When considering which stores to give your business to, don’t forget to inquire about after-purchase support. Most reputable stores stand behind the products they sell and will do whatever they can to resolve issues where the purchase isn’t what you expected.

    A workplace safety store can offer companies a good way to provide their employees with all of the gear and support they need to work with minimal risk of illness or injury on the job. These stores provide an array of products and services for one-stop shopping. They also allow companies to redirect resources to more pressing needs because they make the process of identifying, locating, and obtaining health and safety materials and supplies more efficient and cost-effective.

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