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    Fire Extinguisher Inspection Form Template

    Inspecting a fire extinguisher may look like a simple task, but unless you know what to look for you might be missing critical inspection points that could leave your workforce vulnerable during a fire.

    For example, did you know that the weight of a fire extinguisher can reveal a lot about what condition it’s in or that the inspection process should include ensuring there are enough extinguishers in specific areas and that the extinguishers provided are appropriate for those areas?  Are you familiar with the additional servicing requirements that most extinguishers require every five years or so?

    When performing inspections, if you’re not doing certain things like removing each one from its mounting hardware and “hefting it” to gauge the contents inside or if you’re not looking to make sure the safety pin goes through both holes in the handle and the lever, there’s a chance you might have extinguishers that won’t perform as needed during a fire. 

    Extinguishers seem so simple from the outside but they actually require a fairly detailed inspection! 

    Fire Extinguisher Inspection Form

    If this process has you feeling a bit overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Luckily we can help! Download our Fire Extinguisher Inspection Form Template which includes the steps for conducting an inspection with a diagram of the two most common types of extinguisher, additional servicing intervals for each kind of extinguisher and a form for completing your inspections.

    Download the Template