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    Eliminate the Cost of Injury with EHS Insight Incident Management

    You’ve already worked a lot of hours this week and were hoping to get some time off but it looks like you’ll be heading back into the office on your day off to handle a pretty serious incident you were just notified of. And, the manager on duty just called to tell you they can’t find the right set of incident reporting forms to document everything and he’s not quite sure what else should be included. You figure by the time you explain to the manager on duty which forms they’ll need and what to include, you could have just gone into the office and completed the paperwork yourself—so that’s what you do.

    By the time you get to the office, your frustration has grown because you’ve explained where all the forms and other documents are located. In fact, you even took the time to train everyone and color code incident forms based on incident types just to make it easy for everyone. The more forms you pull out, the more frustrated you become until you catch a glimpse of your desk and see the huge mound of multi-colored forms and other documents you’ve created.

    At that point, you sink down into your office chair, staring at the pile of paperwork and realize it’s time to do something different because this just isn’t working anymore.

    That’s where EHS Insight can help. Our module-based software allows you to create the best product for your needs. If you just need simple, we can do simple. If you need something a bit more complex, we can do that, too. In fact, let us introduce you to our Incident Management module that will have you managing incident events electronically in no time.

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