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    Lockout Tagout Loto Inspection Form

    If you groan every time you look at your calendar and see that it’s time for the “Periodic Lockout/Tagout Inspection”, you’re definitely not alone. More often than not, companies will either skip this required task completely or only do a small portion of what they’re supposed to.

    When this process isn’t completed it can leave your organization really vulnerable. All it takes is one person to get injured because of a written procedure that wasn’t accurate or because they didn’t learn what they needed to in training and you’re looking at the potential for a very serious injury.

    OSHA says there are two things that have to be completed within these periodic inspections:

    1. An inspection of each energy control procedure, and
    2. A review of each employee's responsibilities under the energy control procedure being inspected

    What this means is that you have to inspect each written lockout procedure (with a few exceptions) and you have to do it while the equipment is undergoing lockout/tagout (LOTO).

    On top of that, you have to do this at least annually and you have to document or certify that it’s been completed. This is a lot of work not only to do but to schedule, especially if you have a lot of written lockout procedures to work with.

    Become More Efficient with Lockout Inspection Form Templates

    If you’re overwhelmed and need some help getting organized and maybe need some help with a form to use during the inspection, let our three new templates help with that!

    Our Lockout Inventory Log (which doubles as a tracker) is a great way to get organized and also track which annual inspections have been completed throughout the year.

    Our Basic Lockout/Tagout Inspection Form is a simple form that provides the main lockout steps and allows the user to add their own steps into the process or use as is.

    Our Enhanced Lockout Inspection Form is a multipage form that’s great for taking a deep dive into the inspection process and allows for documenting corrective actions. When completed, this form can also serve as verification of activity for incentive programs.

    Whether you’re brand new to the periodic inspection process and are looking for a place to start or are a seasoned professional who’s looking for a more robust inspection form, our new inspection templates are for you.

    Download the Template