What You Need to Know About Safe Work Permits

Learn about the four key workplace safety standards to ensure OSHA compliance.

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Plan Ahead

Even though some regulations may seem overbearing, remember there's no such thing as being too careful. Understanding when you need a work permit and what those permits should entail is crucial to your company's entire safety program, and not following regulations could incur costs much greater than a fine.

Ensure Compliance

As an EHS leader, you want to ensure that your entire team is safely performing their tasks. From working in confined spaces to dealing with hazardous materials, it is crucial to use work permits in order to ensure safety compliance in the workplace.

Improve Your Program

Workplace safety and injury prevention are worthy of serious investments. By using work permits, you'll be creating a safe workplace which will enable your organization to prevent injuries and improve operational efficiency. See how the four OSHA standards will help your program succeed.