Quality and Safety: The Two Components No EHS Program Can Exist Without

Let’s dive into the importance of anchoring your EHS program with a focus on safety and quality and how you can prioritize these two elements in everything you do.

Success with Safety

Because of its impact on a company’s profitability, safety is arguably one of the most critical components to any company’s strategy. It shouldn’t be left to chance and needs to be prioritized in EHS departments to ensure all decisions are made with safety leading the way.

Quality Practices

Though safety may be king in every organization, quality should be considered an equal ruler in EHS departments. Without quality standards to support safety initiatives, safety programs may suffer from ineffectiveness and inefficiencies. Learn more about the importance of including quality in your program.

Program Excellence

When combined, Quality and Safety can move your EHS department forward. Neither can work to its highest potential without the other, which means that decisions within your EHS department must support both focus areas.