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4 Key Metrics Every Safety Department Should Track

Posted by EHS Insight Resources on July 25, 2017 at 2:07 PM

Every department in your company uses metrics to track how well an area is performing, and your safety department is no exception.

It sounds logical to assume that your safety operations are effective as long as you don’t have any reported accidents. But the number of incidents doesn’t paint the whole safety picture. For one, this doesn’t help you to predict potential issues. In addition, near misses and “quick fix” hazards often go unreported, but they’re equally vital to providing you a bird’s eye view of your organization’s safety performance.

You can rely on key performance indicators, or KPIs, to ensure you’re fostering a strong safety culture at all times. In addition to reported incidents, here are four key metrics you should keep an eye on:

Employee Training

Ensuring your employees are up-to-date on company procedures is crucial in keeping them engaged in your safety culture. You can use safety training software to track their training completion and know exactly when it’s time for a refresher course.

Safety Audits and Inspections

Regular health and safety audits are part of doing business, but missing or failing even one can lead to fines, budget complications, time crunches, safety breaches, and loss of productivity. Keeping up with your inspection and compliance schedule can help your department function more efficiently. But staying ahead of schedule can help ease some of the pressure by giving you more time to be thorough in your audits and inspections.

Near Misses

As mentioned earlier, near misses often go unreported, either due to a lack of proper reporting channels or the lack of prioritization. However, near misses can help you prevent future incidents if you can find an efficient way—like near miss software—to track them.

Corrective Actions

It isn’t enough to fix issues; rather, you should document them in case related incidents arise. Tracking how you fixed one problem can help you learn to solve other similar problems more effectively. Plus, it helps hold other employees accountable for their part in the situation.

Put these KPIs to good use in your organization, and see how your safety operations improve.

To learn more about streamlining your safety data and reporting initiatives, read Safety Metrics and Leading Indicators.

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