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    November 17, 2017

    5 Ways to Streamline EHS Programs for Utility Companies

    For power and utility companies, profit isn’t the only thing that hinges on successful EHS management. Everyone you serve, from residents to businesses, healthcare facilities and government offices, needs you to run a safe operation that won’t negatively impact their daily needs.

    In this perspective, EHS becomes a monolithic responsibility. It’s not just about making your company safe, but also continuing your high level of service to those who rely on you. That’s why many utility companies are seeking new ways to streamline EHS programs that can strengthen operations without sacrificing performance. Here’s how a comprehensive EHS software solution can help.

    Manage Employee Safety Performance & Training

    Regardless of job duties, every employee will need some form of ongoing safety training (see training tracking software). Using EHS software to manage this part of your program helps you identify training opportunities, completion, and “failing grades” so you know where to direct your efforts.

    Monitor EHS Data

    As a utility company, you collect tons of EHS-related data, but what do you do with it? Having an integrated system to house all that data can help you create a knowledge base for employees, discover new insights into your EHS programs, and potentially make improvements to your performance.

    Track Incidents

    No matter how safe your operations, all utility companies are susceptible to workplace incidents. When your turn comes, you can track every incident every step of the way with an integrated solution, even if you don’t personally handle the incident details. This helps ensure you’re following company policy, OSHA compliance, and other industry requirements, in addition to knowing the status of each incident at any given time.

    Uphold OSHA Compliance

    OSHA compliance is seemingly infinite, especially when you account for ongoing revisions and updates. If your team ever has a question regarding OSHA compliance, your EHS software can help them find answers quickly. The portability of this feature is especially helpful for field workers who can’t immediately access documents or other “hard” materials.

    Maintain Permits

    Utility companies often have multiple permits at any given time. Being able to manage them all from a central location helps you access permit information at a moment’s notice. Plus, it decreases the likelihood of overlooking expiration dates.

    In Closing

    EHS software is becoming a valuable tool for utility companies because of its sheer functioning power and customization abilities. Discover what these benefits could look like for you by trying EHS Management Software for free.

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