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    September 29, 2016

    Alliant Energy Shows the World How Sustainability Is Done

    Alliant Energy released its corporate sustainability report last month. What it showed was the company's commitment to safety and sustainability. Here are the highlights. 

    Photo: Jim Simonson/Flickr

    Alliant Energy had a great year in so many ways it's hard to summarize—but we feel we ought to try, since it made such important progress, and it's in large part due to its impressive safety and sustainability programs. 

    “Alliant Energy has been taking actions for many years to reduce emissions and this CO2 target is consistent with the clean energy path we’ve been following,” Alliant Energy chairman, president and CEO Patricia Kampling said in a release.

    What Results from the Ideal Sustainability Program Should Look Like

    If an EHS professional were to experience a visit from a genie who granted three wishes, she'd probably wish for her company's EHS record to produce results like those of Alliant Energy. Take a look:

    • Alliant Energy has removed over 30 percent of its coal-fired production, or switched it to natural gas, resulting in cleaner air.
    • The company now supplies wind energy: enough to power 300,000 homes per year.
    • It has reduced SO2 and NOX emissions by 68 percent.
    • In just three years, it expects to have reduced 80 percent of NOX emissions and 90 percent of SO2 and mercury emissions (over its 2005 numbers).
    • It's on track to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

    Community Benefits, Too

    And while that list is impressive all by itself, and enough to inspire the rest of us, that wasn't all the company accomplished. Even with all that effort placed upon clean air initiatives, it's managed to build strong, meaningful bridges with the surrounding community in its town. Take a look:

    • Alliant Energy's Hometown Care Energy Fund helps those in need who have trouble paying their heating bills.
    • Alliant Energy donated $2 million and its employees donated $250,000 for the 2015-2016 heating season.
    • In 2015, employees and retirees donated 92,000 volunteer hours in and around the community.

    Alliant Energy Has Its Sustainability Program to Thank

    Alliant Energy's Sustainability Squad—from the creative name to the important role it plays in the company's overall successis just one of the reasons this company is successful when it comes to safety and sustainability.

    With programs like that in place to ensure nobody gets hurt, everyone participates in the safety culture, and employees feel educated and empowered (i.e. involved) in all the safety and sustainability initiatives, Alliant Energy makes sure EHS is done right.