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    June 29, 2016

    Why Use Software-as-a-Service for EHS Management?

    Just a decade ago, everyone in the EHS industry was handling incident management, compliance and training in ways that seem totally archaic now. Emailing files, storing reports locally, installing software locally, or burning vital information on CDs were the norm - all of which are now considered outdated, clunky and far from secure, not to mention inefficient, resource-wasting and time-consuming.

    6 Advantages of a Web-Based EHS Solution

    If your company hasn't made the switch to cloud-based EHS software, here's a mini-guide to help you understand the benefits.

    1. The dollar savings can be incredible 

    As you'll see below, there are several ways Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) can save you money.

    2. Web-based solutions can be installed light years faster

    Installation happens faster and cheaper. Most SaaS companies work from their end to install your application so you don't have to rely on your own resources.

    3. Web-based solutions can be up and working in far less time
    You get experienced experts working on your application so it's ready in days or weeks, rather than months, which is typically what it takes to install localized solutions.

    4. No need to buy hardware for your application
    With cloud-based applications, server rooms can become obsolete. In fact, many companies who switch to SaaS do so primarily in order to decrease costs. It's not only the elimination for the need of a server room that makes SaaS attractive. It's also that individual work stations use fewer resources since software doesn't have to be installed.

    5. Access your EHS software from anywhere
    This is a particularly relevant benefit for EHS professionals, who often need to work on location rather than at their desks. Access best practices, manuals, guidelines, and enter data on the spot.

    6. SaaS vendors take care of security
    Software that's hosted in the cloud by a vendor is maintained by that vendor. They take care of upgrades, security, and reliability as part of the ongoing process to ensuring all data is safe in the cloud. 

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