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    August 11, 2020

    Elements for Successful EHS Software Comparison

    With all the EHS software options on the market and so many available features, you want to ensure you make the right investment for your team’s success. And that means weighing different potential software options to find the right fit.

    The tricky part is figuring out which software is right for you. After all, many options have similar features and can be applied to the same problems. The question is finding one that will do it well.

    Here are three key elements to use in a successful EHS software comparison.

    Know Your Stakeholders

    The first step doesn’t involve the software at all, but your stakeholders, the people using the software. Hint: we’re talking about your EHS team.

    You might be the one making the purchasing decision, but they’re the ones who will ultimately decide whether the software is a success or failure. After all, they’re the ones who will use it every day. They need it to work.

    Lack of communication in this area is one of the main reasons employees resist new technology. If it doesn’t do what they need, they’ll find other ways to solve the problem.

    So, ask your EHS team what they need from new software. A must-have and would-be-nice list will help you narrow the playing field before you even get started.

    Think About EHS Software Features

    Once you know the features your employees need, you can turn a critical eye to the features themselves.

    Let’s say your EHS team needs a cloud-based risk management solution. They want to do more than construct a risk management matrix – they want a solution that will help them leverage data to make real, useful recommendations. With that in mind, you can turn your eye to essential risk management features, like risk scoring, analytics, and integrations.

    The same thing goes if your employees need compliance support, data management, or any other feature under the sun.

    Don’t Forget Accessibility

    Even if your employees don’t mention it outright, you should pay careful attention to usability and accessibility.

    Take mobile EHS, for example, which has been on the rise during COVID-19. The key to a successful mobile solution is a software that can be accessed from multiple devices in multiple locations, delivering information between users quickly and easily.

    This goes hand-in-hand with customizability. Can the software be configured for multiple users in multiple different user environments, or does it comes out of the box as-is?

    Accessibility also refers to the design of the software itself. Software could have incredible computing power, but if it’s poorly designed, your team will always struggle to use it.

    Doing an EHS Software Comparison?

    Finding the right EHS software in an EHS software comparison is all about asking the right questions. At EHS Insight, we have the right answers, no matter what your safety question might be.

    If you’re doing an EHS software comparison and trying to find the right software for your team, we’re here to provide the solutions you’ve been looking for. Get in touch today to learn more.

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