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    November 4, 2020

    Overlooked Health & Safety Requirements in the Workplace

    No matter how much attention a company pays to comply with health and safety requirements in the workplace, it’s always possible for some things to slip through the cracks. This is why we double-check our work by following protocols and having quality assurance workers.

    Of course, a misstep or an oversight when it comes to health and safety can have serious consequences for everyone involved. Sometimes it helps to know what health and safety requirements in the workplace are most commonly forgotten. With that in mind, here are a few things you should make sure haven’t been overlooked.

    PPE Hazard Assessment

    Nowadays, there is a huge emphasis on businesses providing personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees. However, just providing PPE for workers isn’t enough. Not all businesses recognize that OSHA requires a formal PPE hazard assessment. This means evaluating every position in the company to determine the exact type of PPE that’s required to perform that job.

    With all of the changes happening to the modern workplace, the PPE required by each employee could be different from what it’s been in the past. The risk to each body part should be evaluated for every job at the company. Safety professionals need to certify that this task has been completed and PPE needs have been updated. Otherwise, you may not be meeting health & safety requirements in the workplace.

    Update Safety Files and Documents

    This task is mostly paperwork, but it’s vital for meeting the health & safety requirements of the workplace. Any training manuals or documents related to safety should be re-evaluated every few years to see if the information remains relevant. Safety practices can change over time and should be updated regularly, especially if new jobs are added or if there are changes to the way certain tasks are performed.

    It’s also a good idea to regularly check if your company is up to date on audits, self-inspections, and employees who made need additional training or a refresher course in safety. All of those activities should be documented and filed in an orderly fashion so you can track what’s been done and what needs to get done. Not only is it important to double-check that you have not overlooked any health & safety requirements, but it will also be important to have these documents handy if OSHA ever wants to check out your safety and training practices.

    Limit Distractions

    There may not be any official safety regulations about this, but eliminating distractions in the workplace is critical in making sure safety protocols aren’t forgotten or overlooked. It also helps ensure that workers remain safe while performing their duties. Using mobile devices or listening to headphones while on the job are two common distractions that employers can eliminate by implementing and enforcing policies. 

    Employees working while they are tired or feeling under the weather are also distractions that can sometimes lead to workplace accidents. Fortunately, employers can limit these distractions by giving workers frequent breaks and encouraging them to stay home if they are sick. Remember that sometimes businesses need to self-impose health & safety requirements in the workplace to keep everyone safe.

    Health & Safety Software Solutions You Shouldn’t Overlook

    The best way to avoid overlooking proper health & safety requirements in the workplace is to stay organized. One of the best ways to stay organized is with a comprehensive EHS software system. When it comes to conducting audits, monitoring hazards, and keeping track of critical documents, our software system can help you get a better handle on safety requirements.

    If a software system can improve your compliance with safety requirements in the workplace, let’s talk so you can learn all of the ways that we can help.

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