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    June 17, 2020

    The Rise of Mobile EHS During COVID-19

    Isn’t it strange how different the world looked just six months ago? Just a few months ago, we were coming into a new year. A rough one, perhaps, but a new year that would more or less follow the shape of any other. Life as we knew it would march on.

    Then the coronavirus happened. The daily rhythms of life ground to a halt. Worse, people became a threat to each other’s health, and social contact that we often took for granted became a health hazard.

    In these strange, frightening times, workplace safety is more important than ever – and so are functional EHS solutions like mobile EHS. Here’s why EHS teams need to invest in mobile solutions during COVID-19.

    What Is Mobile EHS?

    Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) has long been understood as the department within a company that works to ensure the health and safety of workers. It ensures that the company follows best practices, stays compliant with safety laws, and does not put workers at risk of harm.

    Yet EHS is also a methodology and a set of tools. Mobile EHS is a set of tools that combines modern mobile technology with EHS management so that your team can work seamlessly no matter where they are.

    Previous Benefits

    Before the coronavirus pandemic, mobile EHS was all about efficiency, functionality, and safety culture.

    Because employees could access safety software from anywhere at any time, it helped strengthen the adoption of safety software. It also made it easier for your EHS team to do their jobs, since they could now access their management tools from anywhere. This allowed them to go to where the problem was and tackle it head-on.

    This also helped bolster your safety culture. After all, if safety became accessible no matter where you were, it was easier to use EHS tools as a regular tool, which made it easier to incorporate safety into your workday routine.

    Why We Need Mobile During the Pandemic

    Because of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, safety professionals need mobile EHS tools more than ever.

    In the old work world, the assumption was always that it was safe for employees to be around each other, that employees were only a danger to each other if they engaged in unsafe behavior. Now, though, employees can pose a danger to other employees and their families by carrying and spreading the virus. Not all of them may even realize the risk they pose.

    Worse, any shared office spaces are now high-risk sites, since they expose employees to high levels of contact with each other.

    Mobile EHS solutions are critical to allow access to EHS solutions while still allowing professionals to do their jobs safely. This way, they have a much easier time keeping a safe distance from other employees – or just working from home.

    Navigating the Coronavirus Pandemic Successfully

    We know that it’s difficult to know where to turn during these trying times. The coronavirus has changed the way we engage with the world. And that makes the work of EHS professionals more important than ever.

    If you need more tips to help your team navigate the pandemic, make sure to check out our blog. And from our family to yours, stay safe.

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