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    August 21, 2019

    Why Companies Are Switching to Mobile Safety Solutions

    The next big thing in mobile isn’t apps – it’s user interface. And companies are taking note, especially when it comes to mobile safety solutions.

    More and more companies are switching to mobile solutions to solve ongoing safety problems, promote better worker engagement, and develop stronger safety programs.

    Here’s why mobile safety solutions are so helpful to companies like you and why your company should already be using them.

    Increased Mobility and Accessibility

    One of the most obvious benefits of mobile safety solutions is better mobility and on-the-go accessibility.

    Let’s be honest: your workers aren’t tied to desks. They have to be on the move to meet challenges as they arise. Which means that a safety software tied to a computer just isn’t going to work for them.

    When they’re working in the field, a mobile program is exactly what they need.

    Instead of making do without their software until they get back to the office, staff can use smartphones or tablets to access their safety software wherever they go, whether they’re performing audits, checking machines, reporting hazards, or developing incident reports.

    This allows them to be more efficient in getting their observations recorded so that you can see better results in real time.

    Better Compliance

    And since mobile software is easier for your employees to access the software, you can use that software to improve overall compliance.

    Think about all the compliance obligations you have to meet. Now think about how hard it is for your employees to keep track of everything manually. Picture what your employees could do with easy access to software that keeps them on top of compliance tasks, wherever they are.

    With mobile software, you can update your team in real time. They’ll know right away if new procedures are rolled out and immediately apply those procedures to their tasks.

    Getting employees on board is one of the most difficult tasks for any compliance manager. With mobile safety software, your employees can easily engage with safety protocols, complete training, and track compliance issues as they deal with them.

    Your employees want to stay safe just as much as you want to keep them safe. If you make it easy for them to do that, they’re more likely to stay compliant. Mobile safety software allows you to do exactly that.

    Stronger Organizational Culture

    All of this translates into your larger goal: a better workplace safety culture.

    People want to stay safe. You want to keep them safe. But everyone has full-time jobs to attend to, and frankly, they’re more likely to take the path of least resistance.

    So, if you make it easy to stay safe, employees are more likely to do it. And if you reinforce your safety push with a company culture that prioritizes safety and responds quickly to problems, your employees are more likely to adhere to it.

    This is difficult when you’re trying to address hazardous workplace mentalities, especially if you work in an industry rife with a “tough guy” stereotype, where workers are more likely to tough it out so they don’t appear weak to their colleagues.

    The best way to counteract this is to actively promote an environment that rewards safe behaviors. Use mobile safety software to create open communication and easy reporting.

    Ready to Take Safety Mobile?

    Mobile solutions certainly offer plenty of incentives that trump traditional EHS management methods.

    Real Time Reporting

    • Report and track job site injuries
    • Conduct and track audits and inspections in less time
    • See at a glance what areas need attention

    Instant Availability

    • No sorting through paper records
    • Save time with a quick database search wherever you are

    Faster Response Time

    • Find resources and take action instantly
    • Less margin for error in reporting data
    • Send workplace safety reports immediately
    • Receive instant alerts regarding EHS events

    Employee Training

    • Use training tracking software as part of the onboarding process
    • Create and share action plans with users
    • Send alerts and reminders to employees

    Many providers of EHS management software also offer a mobile option that can facilitate every facet of its desktop-driven counterpart. Choosing an integrated approach like this makes it easy to gain a consistent experience across the board, no matter which device you use or where you happen to be.

    Before You Dive In

    Truthfully, a one size fits all mobile EHS plan simply doesn’t exist, but asking the right questions can bring you closer to the right EHS software. Use the answers to the following questions to guide your decision-making process.

    • What information do you need to know at a moment’s notice?
    • What key metrics are most important to you?
    • What systems are you already using that you might need to integrate?
    • What is the software implementation process like?
    • What’s your budget?
    • How long does it take to fully implement?
    • What kind of training is provided?
    • Does the provider offer ongoing support?
    • Is there a free trial period?

    Most importantly—how will this software provide better program management than what you are already doing?

    Mobile EHS solutions offer a multitude of benefits that can boost your entire operation—as long as you choose the right one. Don’t get distracted by shiny features that, in fact, have no beneficial place in your overall strategy. Rather, focus on the features that add value to your EHS program, as well as which ones could complicate your strategy. You may not find a “perfect” solution, but you may find that a slight compromise could be well worth the investment.

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