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    August 13, 2015

    Incident Management Made Simple

    No matter how many safety meetings you hold or how many safety policies your company strives to implement, accidents and injuries are bound to happen eventually. In some cases, these slips, falls and injuries are unpreventable, but incident management software may be able to reduce and even eliminate workplace incidents.

    Incident Management Software for EHS

    While an accident occurring in the workplace can be unfortunate, a missing or poorly written incident report can make things worse. When accidents are not correctly investigated, companies can expect to see similar injuries in the future. Incident management software (IMS) can help companies strengthen their EHS program by making sure similar incidents do not happen again.

    Simply simple.

    The Benefits of Using a System

    In the field of occupational health and safety, IMS can provide organizations with the tools needed to learn from each accident report. Documenting incidents allows investigators the unique opportunity to look past the risks and discover solutions that will improve a company’s EHS program.

    Easy to install and implement, EHS Insight Incident Management is a module that wil not only help gather all of the information you need, but archive it for future reference and retrieve the data as needed. Creating incident reports become faster, easier and more comprehensive than ever before, which is exactly what occupational health and safety managers need in day-to-day operations.

    Incident Management is for health and safety personnel who strive to protect employees and improve the safety program within the work environment. Incident Investigation software helps collect all of the information you need surrounding an accident, and ensure that all data is safely kept, right at your fingertips. Thanks to computers, mobile and tablet devices, this software allows reports to be initiated at the scene of an event. As more information becomes available, the report can easily be updated for added convenience and efficiency to all occupational health and safety managers. 

    An Overview of the Incident Management Solution

    • Initiate investigations based on severity of an incident
    • Keep all data and documentation easily accessible and stored in one location
    • Gather, organize, store, and retrieve all relevant data and documentation as needed
    • Cross reference accident reports to investigation findings to improve safety standards and performances
    • Provide management with the power to identify and assign corrective actions as needed

    Safety professionals should be taking every step possible to prevent accidents from happening on company property. With IMS, employees are provided with best information gathering, reporting and storing tools in the industry, allowing them to make better, more informed decisions. Best of all, IMS pays for itself by preventing occupational incidents from being repeated.

    Let’s work together to reduce and eliminate workplace incidents. 

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