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    December 22, 2016

    Keep Your Eye on These 4 Holiday Safety Issues

    It’s a fun time of year, and with everyone in the spirit at the workplace, it’s important to remember that even the holidays bring with them safety issues. Here are four important holiday safety tips to keep in mind as the holiday approaches.

    1. The Tree

    Whether you’ve hauled out the artificial tree to put up in the lobby or break room, or you’ve gone traditional and sprung for a real tree, there are certain safety measures that cannot be overlooked.

    Even artificial trees can represent a fire hazard. Make sure yours is labeled or certified as fire-retardant (that goes for the ornaments, too!). As for natural cut trees, make sure it’s always sitting in water, and check the water level daily. Once it gets dry, it’s over and it should be removed immediately.

    2. Placement of the Tree

    Pay close attention to where you’re situating your tree. Keep it away from heating vents and especially from portable heating devices. Both will cause the tree, whether it’s artificial or real, to dry out more quickly and may even cause it to ignite.

    In addition, be sure not to block any exits with the tree. This goes for any holiday decorations that could obstruct a means of egress.

    3. Lighting the Tree

    What’s a tree without lights, right? Make sure the lights you’re using are “listed”, and that goes for the wiring as well. If your tree is metallic, don’t put lights on it.

    4. Decorating the Tree: Ladder Safety

    If your tree is large, then at some point you may bring out a ladder to complete the decorating of the tree. Time for your ladder safety protocol!

    • Don’t stand on chairs or desks.
    • If you put a ladder near a doorway, lock the door or post signs so nobody opens the door.
    • Do not overreach while on the ladder (that ornament will just have to be placed on a closer branch).
    • Your ladders must have slip-resistant feet.
    • Your shoes should be slip-resistant s well. Heels are never OK on a ladder.

    Hope these tips help you to have a safe holiday season at work. Happy Holidays from EHS Insight!