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    May 8, 2017

    Manufacturing Safety: How Safety Software Can Help You

    Your employees provide the backbone of your company, and keeping them healthy and safe on the job is a top priority, especially in a work environment like manufacturing plants and factories. But safety isn’t something that comes naturally to a company; rather, it’s something that must be practiced and refined daily.

    Between training employees on safe practices to maintaining OSHA compliance to organizing company procedures and incident reports, EHS managers experience a range of activities daily. And this fragmented work style isn’t always easy to coordinate. The paperwork mounts. Deadlines pop up. And every safety-related aspect seems to need your attention at the same time.

    Safety software helps alleviate some of the stresses and chaos of keeping employees safe at work by placing all the forms, data, reports, and information you need in one central hub. Take a look at three ways software can help facilitate the varied tasks every health and safety department experiences.

    Regulatory Standards

    You worked hard for your ISO 9001 certification, but you must work just as hard to maintain it. With safety software, you can help ensure you are meeting goals and deadlines to keep your ISO 9001 and other regulatory standards in compliance.

    OSHA Incident Reporting

    When an incident occurs, every second is critical in protecting the health and safety of workers and securing the areas involved. You can use incident reporting software to boost your responsiveness to situations by logging data on the go, accessing the right forms and information immediately, and ensuring you don’t skip any steps.

    Safety Procedures

    You can use safety software as a resource house for both line employees and managers. Using one place to store important policies and procedures like lockout/tagout, how to clean up spills, and work permits helps cut the paper clutter and help you find information immediately.


    The ideas listed above are far from comprehensive in the abilities of safety management software. It’s up to you to discover how those abilities will work best for your department.

    To learn more about the benefits of using software for your operations, read Data is King: How EHS Software Leads to a Culture of Safety.

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