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    August 16, 2023

    Process Safety: Mitigating Incidents and Spills with EHS Software

    No matter what precautions you take or how well you train your employees, job site spills and accidents can still occur. And while no one wants a spill or other health or safety-related incidents to negatively impact the work environment, properly handling the situation can help ensure some form of positive outcome.

    EHS software specifically exists to mitigate incidents, spills, injuries, and other related events, regardless of what happened or how the incident happened. The way you respond can weigh heavily on how the incident is viewed once business resumes back to normal.

    By relying on software to help you take swift action, four obvious benefits emerge.

    All necessary paperwork and documents can be accessed from one place.

    If a spill or injury occurs, every second matters. In order to be the most responsive, you can access all the forms, SDS, and documents you need to help you recover from the incident quickly.

    You can log details of the incident directly into the system.

    Switching to a completely paperless environment hasn’t happened yet, but the areas where digital has taken over are certainly benefiting from it. Typing information into your EHS software rather than writing lengthy reports improves readability, protects the data within the report, and preserves the document from the many untimely ends a paper copy could encounter. Not to mention it saves on storage space and paper and ink resources.

    Inputting incidents into EHS software can help you search for pertinent information regarding the incident, even years later.

    Finding information about an incident that occurred three years ago shouldn’t require an archaeological dig team in your company’s file archives. Having all EHS reports in digital format can create quick searchability for any detail you might need.

    EHS software can help you stay compliant in every aspect.

    Compliance rules aren’t just sound suggestions – they’re required for a reason. Using EHS software to manage and monitor incidents not only helps ensure you remain within compliance boundaries but can also reveal opportunities where compliance isn’t met. This gives you the chance to take action to avoid these situations from recurring. Technology exists to make lives and jobs easier, and EHS software can help do both when it comes to mitigating the effects of job site spills and incidents.

    Remember, the entire future of your company and its employees rely on your actions in the event of an accident. Always be prepared.

    See how EHS Insight Oil and Gas Software can help you improve the way you manage process safety.

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