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Safety Metrics Dashboard: Moving Beyond Excel

Posted by EHS Insight Resources on July 23, 2020 at 10:02 AM

Safety professionals remain some of the most dedicated users of Excel. Given all the numbers that go in and out of your office every day, it seems like Excel is the right choice – it’s an incredibly adaptive tool for handling large sums.

That said, when it comes to developing a smart safety metrics dashboard, Excel is the wrong choice for the job. These days, new and improved dashboards are excelling in areas where your spreadsheets fall short. Here’s why that is.

Safety Dashboards of Yesterday

Let’s take a moment and think back to the days when safety metric dashboards weren’t really a product yet. Those were the days when EHS professionals were expected to make do with the tools they had available in order to turn raw numbers into results.

So, many safety professionals turned to one of the smartest tools in their hard drives for displaying and processing numbers: Excel.

It wasn’t a flawless system by any stretch, but still, it allowed you to see and process your safety metrics and data in one place, which was an improvement over using a collection of reports.

Safety Metrics Dashboard: Using Excel

Safety pros remain some of the biggest users of Excel dashboards. And to be fair to Excel, it is an incredibly smart tool to compute numbers and display results. With the right Excel skills and the right plug-in tools, you can work magic on a simple list of numbers.

It also provides an easier way to see and update metrics than a simple Word document. At any time, you can update an Excel sheet and have all your linked reports update simultaneously, eliminating dozens of sources of data.

Why Excel Is the Wrong Choice

That said, for safety managers with their eyes firmly fixed on the future, Excel is the wrong choice for a truly effective safety dashboard.

Excel is a smart tool, but may not always be efficient. Excel will only derive what you tell it to derive – otherwise, your list of numbers remains nothing more than a list of numbers. And in fast-moving EHS environments, that just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

The safety dashboards and EHS software of today are smarter than that. They allow you to gather real insights from your data that might have otherwise remained invisible. More than that, it does a lot of the brute processing work for you so that you can apply human ingenuity to big picture problems.

Smarter Safety Dashboards

We know the power of data. And when you need a smart safety metrics dashboard, Excel just isn’t smart enough. That’s why we developed EHS Insight to help you take control of all of your health and safety challenges in one easy-to-use tool. That way, you can stop fighting with your numbers and start using them to deliver real safety results to your employees and management.

Want to see how our software can strengthen your EHS team and protect your employees every day? Get in touch today to learn more.

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