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    June 3, 2020

    Safety Scoreboards: Keep Track of Workplace Safety in Style

    Workplace safety: it goes without saying how absolutely crucial it is to the day-to-day functioning of your business. It’s in your vested interest to keep your facilities in good shape and your employees aware of any possible dangers so that you can avoid the kind of dangerous, potentially life-threatening accidents that can derail an entire company’s ability to be productive.

    At the same time, it’s all too easy for the importance of workplace safety to be forgotten or overlooked, especially by busy employees that are concerned with getting their work done. 

    Regular reminders of workplace safety progress are needed to keep workers focused and safety-minded. One of the most effective methods for keeping safety at the forefront of employees’ minds is through the use of safety scoreboards.

    The Perfect Solution for Tracking Workplace Safety

    As a visual record of the clearest indicator of workplace safety, safety scoreboards offer a perfect solution for tracking how many days it has been between workplace accidents occurring at your company that resulted in injury and lost productivity.

    This accomplishes a few things at once: first, it acts as an encouragement for your workers to beat their previous best record. It also provides clear visual communication on how important workplace safety is to your company.

    The best way to improve workplace safety is to draw attention to it regularly and consistently, and that’s exactly what safety scoreboards can accomplish if used properly. Placing safety scoreboards in prominent locations helps to send this message. Whether it’s the break room, next to the time clock, out on the production floor, or anywhere else that they’re highly visible will help drive home the message even more clearly.

    Not Your Grandpa’s Safety Scoreboard

    We know what you’re thinking: is there anything more old-school than one of those ancient safety scoreboards? The kind with the hanging numbers that keep track of how many days it’s been since an accident? Even worse are the real old-school ones that are just a blackboard and a small piece of chalk. They’re not exactly modern or high-tech, are they, especially when they’re forgotten about and not updated for days or weeks at a time.

    Well, modern safety scoreboards are much different. While you can still get those old-school scoreboards that wouldn’t look out of place at a Chevrolet plant in the 1950s, new scorecards feature light-up displays and electronic counters that can keep track of time themselves.

    This both takes the tedium out of recording the number of days between each workplace accident and provides something interesting for your employees to look at mounted on the wall, all while sending a clear message about workplace safety and consistency.

    The Constant Reminder

    No matter what style of safety scoreboard you employ in your place of work, they’re a constant reminder of the importance of working safe. Reaching milestones and breaking safety records provide opportunities to celebrate these accomplishments in ways that even further reinforce the hard work that everyone in your company is doing to keep their environment safe.

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