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    December 6, 2021

    Safety Training: A Few Misconceptions

    It’s that time again: safety training. Companies spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on safety training each year, and yet, there are still a lot of misconceptions about what safety training entails.

    So, we think it’s time for a little pop quiz.

    What is always true about employee safety training? And what’s just another myth? Here’s a quick review of some major myths–and what’s always true.

    Myth: It Must Be Offered by OSHA-Certified Officials

    A common myth about safety training is that it has to come straight from the source itself. But in reality, you don’t have to get OSHA training straight from OSHA-certified officials. It can come from a member of your EHS team.

    That said, getting training from an official with certified OSHA knowledge is an excellent idea. This probably still means someone from your EHS team, but when hiring your EHS team, look for safety professionals with the certification to back up their safety training chops. OSHA’s list of certificate and degree programs is a good reference list to get you started.

    Myth: It Must Be Offered Weekly

    Another common myth is that safety training must be offered weekly. Technically, this one is a myth, but there’s no clear answer on how often you should offer safety training.

    Many OSHA standards require safety training to be conducted annually at minimum, which OSHA interprets to mean that employees must be periodically re-trained at least once every twelve months. However, the frequency of training depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of training.

    There’s nothing stopping you from offering safety training every single week–make it part of your weekly staff meeting–but you’re not obligated to do so. And if you opt to do safety training every week, make sure to keep your content fresh. Otherwise, employees will tune out.

    What Is Always True About Employee Safety Training?

    With those myths in mind, what is always true about employee safety training?

    No matter the type of training, duration, frequency, or any other factor, safety training must be offered in a language employees understand. This is explicitly listed under OSHA’s employer responsibilities.

    In other words, if English isn’t your workforce’s primary language, you need to offer training in a language they understand. If that means branching out to find a trainer who can offer the material in a language your employees understand, you’re obligated to do so.

    Your Partner in Successful Safety Training

    What is always true about employee safety training? You need to offer it, your employees need to understand it, and you need the tools to implement it successfully.

    That’s where we come in, with comprehensive safety training software that makes it easy to implement training and track employee progress, no matter how many different training programs you have to work with. That way, you can always stay one step ahead of safety training–and your employees will always have the tools they need to make safe choices.

    Sound good? Then get in touch to learn more about how we can empower safety in your organization.

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