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    June 9, 2017

    Set Your Construction Site Up for Success with EHS Software

    Whether you’re building a single home or an entire strip mall, you do whatever it takes to keep your construction project on schedule and within budget. But your profits (and your reputation) can come to a grinding halt with just one safety slip up on the job site.

    Using health and safety software can help set your construction site up for success from the time you break ground to polishing the final details. Here’s how:

    Save Time

    Regardless of the type of project you’re building, you can always expect that audits and inspections, training, and data entry will demand some of your attention. EHS software for construction helps you take care of business in as little as half the time. You can log data on-the-go from your mobile device and pull information immediately to keep your project on schedule.

    Save Money

    When you can save time, you save money, too. By taking your EHS program mobile, you can cut useless tasks like manual notes and double data entry to log information in real time. It also ensures inspections and other tasks don’t slip through the cracks that could cause potential delays or do-overs.

    Save Lives

    It isn’t enjoyable to think about, but construction site accidents can happen to any employee at any time. That’s why it’s crucial to stay prepared regardless of the type of construction project you’re working on.

    Failing to perform safely on the job site can

    • Lead to employee injury
    • Cause project delays due to employee absences
    • Cost you profits in worker’s comp, fines, and insurance premiums

    Managing health and safety via a central tool can promote a safety-first culture that keeps safety top-of-mind for your employees.


    The “Safety First” mantra isn’t new, but in a world of fast-paced changes and technological advancements, it’s one that still rings as true today as it ever has. And adopting any alternative could prove disastrous.

    To learn more about how you can effectively manage your EHS program, visit Building Materials & Construction EHS Software.

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