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    September 1, 2020

    Who Benefits Most from Workplace Safety Regulations?

    In 2018, 5,250 workers died on the job – an average of 14 deaths per day. That’s 5,250 workers who didn’t get to come home to their families, families who now have to survive without a beloved relative.

    In an era of workplace deregulation,  workplace safety regulations are more important than ever. But who benefits most from workplace safety regulations?

    In truth, while regulations are a headache for your team to track, they provide benefits across your whole workplace, creating a healthier environment for everyone. Here are three groups that workplace safety regulations work to protect.


    It's the employees who benefit most from workplace safety regulations. Your employees are the heart, soul, and backbone of your business. Without them, your workplace cannot do what you do best – serving your customers daily.

    A people-centric workplace offers a variety of benefits to your business, from engaged employees to stronger workplace communication to more satisfied customers. But it all centers on your employees.

    And one of the best ways to show your employees you care is looking out for their safety.

    Workplace safety regulations give you somewhere to start, the idea being that you’ll continue to expand your safety program outward. OSHA was founded on the premise of creating a safe and healthy working environment for every employee, and every regulation they’ve put out is geared toward that goal.


    Of course, employers will also see plenty of benefits from workplace safety regulations as well.

    For one thing, you’ll see the benefits of safety in your bottom line. Part of the business case for safety is that it has major economic benefits for your business.

    Take, for example, the direct benefits on workers’ compensation costs. Healthier workers using safe work practices are less likely to become sick or injured, meaning that you’ll have far lower healthcare and workers’ compensation costs in the long-run.

    Then there’s the soft benefit to employers, i.e. your public relations and employee relations. Employees who know their employers prioritize safety as a core value are more likely to remain loyal to the company, and the public is more willing to reward companies that practice corporate social responsibility.

    Visitors and Customers

    Last but not least, your visitors and customers will see the benefits of safety regulations when they purchase from you or visit your facility.

    For example, if you had an incident break out while you had visitors in the facility, those visitors don’t have the training to know where to exit the facility or what to do in an emergency. Workplace safety regulations help ensure that visitors have what they need to stay safe in an unexpected situation.

    Putting Workplace Safety Regulations in Action

    The key is knowing how to use workplace safety regulations as the foundation of your safety program. That’s where we come in.

    Our compliance software makes it easy to always know where you stand with safety regulations, whether regulations have changed or whether you need to correct non-compliant behavior.

    Ready to see how our software can help strengthen your company from the inside-out? Get in touch today to learn more.

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