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    July 24, 2017

    Aluminum Shapes LLC Gets Hit with $1.9M in OSHA Fines

    Aluminum Shapes LLC, a New Jersey-based aluminum manufacturer, is facing close to $2M in fines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

    The company has been inspected eight times and cited for 60 violations since 2011. “Despite its lengthy OSHA history, Aluminum Shapes still does not comply with federal safety and health standards,” said Paula Dixon-Roderick, director of OSHA’s Marlton Area Office. “These hazards leave workers vulnerable to the risk of serious injury and possible death.”

    OSHA issued willful citations due to Aluminum Shapes' failure to:

    • Provide appropriate personal protective equipment.
    • Conduct air monitoring prior to permit-required confined space entry.
    • Have an attendant during permit-required confined space entry.
    • Complete a required confined space entry permit to identify, evaluate and control hazards in the space.
    • Provide confined space training.
    • Utilize proper Lockout/Tagout (Control of Hazardous Energy) Procedures
    • Provide workers with locks and hardware to lock out equipment being serviced, maintained, or repaired.
    • Lack of specific procedures for the use of blocking devices
    • Utilize group lockout procedures.
    • Train workers in Lockout/Tagout

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