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    Easily Measure Sustainability Metrics with EHS Insight

    Managing your company’s carbon footprint and reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions has become a focus activity for many organizations, either by choice or by regulatory requirement. Determining your company’s carbon footprint requires tracking certain types of emissions such as direct emissions from fuel combustion (boilers, company vehicles, etc.) and indirect emissions from purchased electricity and things like materials processing, waste management, and emissions produced by travel.

    Depending on the industry and the type and amount of GHG emissions being produced, your company may also be required to submit reports to the government about those emissions. This can be really tedious, especially if converting things like kilowatt hours into Gigajoules isn’t really your thing.

    If you’re the person who has to figure out how to identify, collect and manage these emissions and you’re not quite sure where to start, EHS Insight’s Sustainability module can help get you onto the right track and moving in the right direction! Using EHS Insight’s Sustainability module requires very minimal setup and provides several excellent options to make managing this process much easier.

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